Want my 3-step guide for irresistible microcopy? Yes! I’m ready to sell more

Who’s this UX copywriter we keep hearing about?

Keep reading for my secrets to writing unignorable, intuitive, magnetic copy that sells your stuff.

Hey, I’m Susan

And yes, I’m a UX strategist and copywriter.

“A what now?” you ask.

I get it, there aren’t too many of us floating around (although I’m busy training more trailblazers inside my group coaching program Beyond Web Copy), so I’d probably best come clean.

It means you’re not just hiring a master writer (#notsohumblebrag), but you’ll also get a partner in crime. Someone who dives deep into research and has their finger on the pulse of what’s working in the market to help you strategise what you should say where to get cha-ching results.

End result? You’ll have an actual data-backed plan for attracting more customers with casual, concise, and totally relatable copy.

And yes, I’m a pro at SEO.

"I really don’t understand how she managed to understand me and my business in such a short time and articulate it exactly how I would intend...

Before working with Susan, I was struggling with presenting my business in a professional manner. I thought I could do it myself but never did. 

Susan listened hard and took all my words and passion and turned it into something unique. I really don’t understand how she managed to understand me and my business in such a short time and articulate it exactly how I would intend. 

It was so easy and an absolute pleasure working with Susan. 

I’m so relieved that I can start to move forward. I now have some great copy that I can use in a variety of different formats and ways.”

 —Melanie Edwards, Director, REFINE Retail

But it’s not really about me.

It’s about what I can do for you.

Sell stuff

I believe in honest, lucrative and mutually beneficial transactions

Build client trust

I’ll make your customers feel like a rockstar reading your stuff


Speak in your style

It’s a little freaky how quickly I can pick up on the nuances to sound like you

Tell stories that sell

I’ll work with you to pull out captivating anecdotes that naturally lead to a sale

Deliver fresh ideas

I promise original solutions. Because no one wants sloppy seconds.


Be honest

Nobody’s got time for BS. I’m upfront and friendly. Always.

Think we'd work well together? So do I

..Maybe you’re wondering, “do I really need a UX strategist?”

Yes. Here’s why.

There’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a website that doesn’t work well.

We’ve all been there.

Something that feels like it should be intuitive is suddenly taking ages and *poof* your perfect-fit customer’s desire dissolves like a sugar cube in hot tea.

I can stop this from happening.

UX-enriched copywriting:

  • Smoothes away points of friction so no one abandons their cart
  • Makes obscure pieces of info discoverable (no, not everything belongs on your Home page)
  • Keeps someone engaged even when they thought they were finished (Ok, I’ll just read one more page, it’s too good)
  • Helps people course correct when they take a wrong turn so they don’t just click you out of their lives
  • Creates websites that serve and attract a diverse user base (related: read my inclusion statement
  • Fits easily into the design, so designers can make it look incredible (bad copy can ruin even expensive design)
  • Creates moments of delight that make people want to share screenshots of on social media
  • And so much more…

Working with Susan is a dream from start to finish. She knows the right questions to ask to really get to know your products and always provides the best outcomes.

MJ Boaretto Pureza, Senior Designer, MJPix 

Susan’s relaxed personality and keen interest in understanding our business made it so easy to talk to her. She made the whole process seamless and produced copy that has created so much impact for our business.

 Michelle and Danny Fletcher, Owners & Managers, DMF Construction

We were able to generate substantial media coverage based on the content Susan created and to grow our brand visibility both online and offline

Laura Pollard, Managing Director, Perfect Property

Sound like just what you need?