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Take your website copy from “let’s hope that does something” to clear, concise, and converting, with—


Hurry, doors closing soon!

This past week, I closed over $10,000 in web copy projects. I’m also spending a lot less time writing the copy, too, so it’s a win-win all around.”

-Mary Schroeder, Digital Marketing Agency Founder & Copywriter 

Does this sound familiar?

Sitting down to write web copy, finding that perfect hook or headline can take hours.

Even though you’ve written for years, you still feel stuck on where to start.

So you either procrastinate…

David from Schitt's Creek looking around overwhelmed
Maybe I’ll make another cup of tea first…

Or write something you’re not happy with, berate yourself, and then start over again.

And once you finally do get in a flow, there’s a part of your brain that’s still questioning whether what you’ve written is any good. 

Which makes you worry about what the client will think. And worse, what if their customers read it and hate it too? 

What if it gets them zero sales?

What will that say about me as a copywriter? you think.

What stinks worse than my husband’s camembert cheese obsession (you do NOT want to open my fridge without a hazmat suit) is when clients come back with so many revisions your original ideas are completely lost. 

You know what they’ve suggested is rubbish but can’t quite figure out how to stand your ground and justify your choices.

Here’s the thing—

Underneath all this second-guessing, is a great bloody fantastic writer with all the talent and ambition to grow a 6-figure empire.

You’re tired of fighting every other general copywriter out there for small mis-aligned jobs and are ready to stand out and get known for your web copy and User Experience expertise

(which is a great choice because it’s the cornerstone of online marketing strategy!)

So imagine for a moment how it would feel if you… 

Knew exactly what needed to be included on each web page and in what order to move customers to YES! so that your clients get stellar results and rave about you

Were signing contracts for 5-figure web copy jobs and then upselling emails, funnel copy and landing pages for the same dream client?

Felt confident taking on ANY size job and claiming your seat at the table with the world’s best copywriters

Could write 3 pages of web copy in a day because you had a step-by-step plan for every project you take on (If you charged $1000 a page, like I do, that would be $3000 a day!)

Had a clear understanding of how UX works together with copywriting so you can support your clients with strategy (Hello higher rates, repeat customers, and business-building testimonials!)

Could justify your copy choices freely, confidently and convincingly

Were getting approached for visibility and authority-building opportunities like masterclasses and podcasts

Demanded more for your work because you KNOW (and so does everyone else) you get results for your clients and are the go-to expert

⬆️ This doesn’t have to stay as an “imagine if” scenario.

I grew my business to $200k a YEAR within 3 years—

All thanks to my intimate understanding of User Experience (aka UX).

Because your clients can’t make sales without customers, and visitors can’t become customers if they have a shitty experience on a website.

But User eXperience is so much more than that—

It’s a guiding light to back every decision you make and every word you write.

So you can feel so much more confident while you’re writing—

But also on sales calls, podcasts and interviews, chatting with designers and clients.

In other words, it doesn’t just give you confidence on the job, it gives you the confidence that helps you GET the (super well-paying) job!

Which is why I’m so determined to share it with you…


Beyond Web Copy

The only UX copywriting course and coaching program for writers who want to increase speed and confidence, be the go-to choice for web copy projects, get the best results for their clients fuelled by cutting-edge UX, and start charging expert-level fees.

Brenna headshot

Make-or-break for a successful copywriting career”

“I’ve been blessed to have taken some pretty amazing programs, and BWC is at the top tier of courses and programs. 

This has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business — and I don’t even write website copy all the time! Not to mention, Susan is so hands-on that it makes it feel like a high-level coaching program, not *just* another course. 

The copywriting world has *blown up* over AI and ChatGPT. And as a copywriter, I’m personally a little excited because after taking BWC I *know* I have a competitive edge in terms of copy and strategy. What Susan teaches in this program is ahead of its time. 

I feel it might be the make-or-break investment in terms of a successful copywriting career << sounds dramatic, but it’s true.”

–Brenna McGowan, Launch Strategist & Copywriter

“I feel like I’ve future-proofed my copywriting career”

“Susan’s teaching gave me permission to completely switch up pages on my own website, improve the user journey and remove superfluous copy. As soon as I made the changes, I felt as light and fabulous as a Queer Eye makeover.

I’ve been able to take everything I learned into my client work too. I feel so much more confident and love delivering additional value to my clients.

Using Susan’s process, tools, tricks, and templates has saved me time, effort, rework — and probably some tears. Honestly, I’d pay for the course just to get my hands on those templates!” 

–Kelly Allan, Ethical Copywriter 

Montasser headshot

“Best decision I’ve made in my career transition”

BWC gave me a clear and solid process on which I can rely every time.

It’s all about frameworks and actionable processes that you can immediately start to use and implement. No generic stuff and unnecessary fluff.

As someone starting in copywriting with no professional experience, if I were to tailor a copywriting course for me, it STILL wouldn’t have been this good. 

Susan is a great coach who’s very supportive, responsive and always spreading positive vibes.”

–Montasser Abu Hmeidan, UX Copywriter

Natalie headshot

“Actionable gold that will blow any copywriter’s mind”

“Beyond Web Copy is a website copywriter’s dream!!! (Really, any copywriter’s dream because almost all of it is *so* applicable to any sort of copy and user journey.) After going through it, I kind of wonder how copywriters can *not* know this stuff haha. It looks at the big picture down to the tiny but critical details. It’s zero fluff.

Plus, the amount of value you get from the Slack group and calls is NEXT LEVEL. That alone is worth it.

I’ve raised my rates and finished up a web copy project with ease (and even offered some nifty new insight for the designer!) My new process helps me write faster, get more buy-in from clients, and spend less time messing around with the order of the copy which I’m very excited about.

Beyond that, I really really appreciated the focus on diversity, accessibility, and racial inclusivity which is HUGE and so fitting with the ethos of “user experience.” 

You can tell Susan really cares on a whole other level.”

—Natalie Gates, Copywriter


Maybe you’re wondering who I am..

(Which is an excellent thing to wonder)

Susan sits at her laptop and twists to face and smile at you directly

Oh hey! I’m Susan

Campari-sipping, travel-loving, twin-raising UX Copywriter, with Iris Apfel style goals.

I got my start in UX at over a decade ago. 

Since then I’ve written for hundreds of web pages combining best-practice usability with conversion copywriting.

But it wasn’t until I started my biz that I discovered having an in-depth understanding of both UX and copywriting was a lucrative superpower.

In my second full year of business, I hit 6-figures while working part-time, during a global pandemic, without a team.

(Quick update: last year I hit $200k!)

I kept waiting for the secret to get out.

I was sure that someone else would spill the beans about how UX not only makes strategising and writing effective websites a cinch but it’s also a great way to woo clients with expert knowledge.

Not to mention the consistent cash flow that comes from signing bigger projects. We’re talking $20k months in my biz. Regularly.

When no one else did, I decided to package up everything I knew to help you have the same opportunities (and income) I’ve had.

And this is it!

Beyond Web Copy Curriculum

AKA everything you need to offer a super-pro and premium UX copywriting service

Module 1: UX foundations for successful web copy

(Plug your brain into visitors’ so every syllable speaks to their core desires and motivations.

You’ll discover:

  • The 2 foundational ingredients of good User Experience that acts as a compass for every single copy project

  • How to get a 4 Dimensional understanding of your user and predict their behaviour so you can provide the right message at the right time

  • A 5-step framework to attract and convert more customers with the perfect messaging

  • How to map out a user journey that leads a customer effortlessly to a sale (and obliterates that “where the heck to I start?” panic)

    • PLUS the 60-minute Story Map so you can get clear on messaging and structure for the most important pages in under an hour (Past students say this was worth the course fee alone!)

    Module 2: What goes where?

    Position yourself as a strategic genius turning a chaotic website experience into a clearly defined journey.

    You’ll discover:

    • What you need to know about the underlying structure of a website so you can quickly interpret confusing briefs and lead complex website projects 
    • The simple Trello Board trick for creating an intuitive navigation so customers can find what they’re looking for and buy, download or sign up
    • How to write a menu that encourages exploration, makes things super easy to find, and establishes brand trust—the backbone to a high-performing website
    • A low-tech, minimal-effort way to identify where people are getting lost on a website and how to win them back for higher conversions

    • PLUS ‘The Content Comb’—detangle the spaghetti sites with this clever tool, have complete oversight on a project, and cut down on time-wasting back and forth with clients 

    Module 3: Messaging for maximum impact

    Zoom in to get x-ray clarity on what goes where on each page—from here, it’s as simple as filling in the blanks!

    You’ll discover:

    • 6 repeatable steps you can use on every page and project to always know exactly WHAT to write WHERE
    • A completely new spin on your existing copywriting formulas and templates to make writing quicker and easier
    • 4 legit performance enhancers that offer a turbo boost for your copywriting speed
    • How to stop reinventing the wheel and maximise your original ideas to get repeatable results
    • How to turn a visitor’s laziness to your advantage
    • PLUS, “The Lazy-bones Checklist” that helps keep eyeballs velcro’d to your words

    • AND, “The Write 80% of a Page in Less Time than a Coffee Date” Workshop

    Module 4: Microcopy magic

    Think microcopy is boring? Pfffft! Discover how to write with total clarity AND total cleverness.

    You’ll discover:

    • Tiny words that get people from “maybe later” to “act now”
    • How to convince clients microcopy matters so you can get them the results they want! (oh the joys!)
    • The basketball-inspired strategy for un-boring microcopy
    • How to win A/B tests with the 5C method
    • Tips and tricks galore to write with all the simplicity and brilliance of Hemmingway whether you’re writing a long-form sales page or button

    • PLUS 27 before and after examples of how to apply your new skills so you can nail any copy request

      Module 5: Turbo-boost sales

      Focus on the points of conversion to make sure they’re optimised for maximum sales and profitability

      You’ll discover:

      • The underrated bits of website microcopy that lead to higher conversions
      • 5 secrets to writing button copy that gets more clicks

      • The one place where you should swipe CTAs

      • A powerful framework for writing successful button copy

      • 7 conversion laws all copywriters need to know to get their clients more sales

      • PLUS ‘Click Me Now!’ Call-to-action cheatsheet to print and pin by your desk to write high-converting buttons

        Module 6: Increase impact & integrity

        Trailblazers inside Beyond Web Copy are the best humans who care about inclusion, accessibility, and getting real results.

        You’ll discover:

        • How to write for a global audience without sacrificing personality so that more people get a chance to connect and convert

        • Ways you may be unconsciously excluding people and hurting sales (and your client’s reputation) so you can open the doors to more sales

        • How to make sure as many people as possible can access the information they need to buy

        • What you need to run successful A/B tests and 5 other testing methods that require little-to-no tech—so you can find out what works for your client and their audience (and get incredible results!)

        • PLUS 2023 BWC accessibility and inclusion checklist and swipe file 
        Jessica headshot

        “I doubled my rates!”

        “Beyond Web Copy focuses on the details of the actual words on the page in a way I haven’t seen any other course do. I messaged a designer I was working with after watching one of the modules and got her to make a change for a client’s project. The designer liked my strategy so much SHE booked me for her sales page.

        I feel like I have a secret weapon now. Since taking BWC I’ve doubled my rates. This is a program I will go back to — with all its templates and tools— again and again.” 

        —Jessica Brooks, Sales Page Copywriter

        Rachael Headshot

        “Worth the price of the course, easy—”

        The fluff-free training, support and examples in Beyond Web Copy are entirely practical—and expertly designed and delivered—so you can just go do your job, rather than get bogged down by “yet another” digital course.

        It’s made everything easier—from web copy to sales pages to launch emails to pre-launch. I’m in the very beginning stages of redoing a website with over 100 pages and when the designer asked me to do the site map, I thought about the INCREDIBLE Content Comb inside BWC and knew that would be a breeze.

        The Content Comb, Story Map, and Wireframe are worth the price of the course, easy—and don’t even get me started on the microcopy and CTA sections. NO ONE ELSE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS. And yet, it is one of the most important aspects.

        Nothing else compares to BWC’s functionality and how applicable it is in the day-to-day work of a copywriter. Get in Susan’s world!

        —Rachael Darden, Copywriter


        I’m delivering my best work now

        “I now know that I can deliver high-quality work and I can stand apart in a saturated market. I have a process that I can repeat and feel like I am a real-deal copywriter now.

        I would definitely say this was one of my best investments of 2022! Actually, this was one of the best investments in copywriting education I have ever received. This isn’t any information you aren’t going to find anywhere else because Susan is the only one who’s talking about it.”

        —Deenah Jacques, Copywriter

        Deenah headshot

        “I don’t care if you’ve been a copywriter for 1 year or 10, you need Susan in your life.”

        “I didn’t realise how much Beyond Web Copy was going to change the way I viewed my business and the services that I offer. I changed what I offered because I now know how to make those services better.

        Even though I’d written websites before, it was in a very chaotic way. So I thought I was going to be writing websites and what I ended up learning was how to write EVERYTHING better

        That confidence is showing up in creating different services, better services, digital products. All things that I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t taken Beyond Web Copy.

        Without it, I’d probably still be writing content on retainer.”

        —Jennifer Curfman, Conversion Copywriter


        Value-packed, confidence-boosting, career-moving

        “Beyond Web Copy gave me total clarity and confidence around best practice for website user experience AND the tangible skills and systems needed to deliver that for every project.

        Initially, I was unsure if I’d learn anything new (I have 10 years of experience in agency land and run my own business). But this is a value-packed, confidence-boosting, career-moving type of learning! 

        The worksheets and templates are such a valuable addition—not to mention the community. 

        Super stoked to have been part of this (and to have met Susan and the rest of the talented UXers).”

        —Lauren Pomphrey, Copywriter

        “So, it’s a UX copywriting course?”

        Great question! Because while it’s the original and only UX copywriting course of its kind, you get so much more in addition to the “confidence-boosting, career-moving” curriculum.

        If you’ve been wanting to work WITH me as your mentor, this is the ideal container for you.

        As well as the step-by-step UX copywriting course, I’ll also personally coach you through the parts of UX that are relevant to YOUR copy practice. I have a post-graduate university qualification in education—so you’re in good hands.

        This is why each round is limited to 30 students.

        Everything I teach is tailored to your experience. You can ask me about the course work, UX industry, your copy business, MY copy business—I’m here to do everything I can to make sure you succeed.

        Including personally reviewing YOUR website if you have one!

        (And yes, there’ll be recordings. And yes, the Q&As work in multiple time zones—check the schedule here)

        We kick off on Sept 19!

        I finished building my freelance site over Christmas thanks to boosts in confidence and clarity

        I knew UX was important but didn’t know how it worked with copy. There was definitely some overwhelm applying it to a huge website, too! 

        Now I feel so much clearer, and most importantly, I have much more confidence. It’s really helped improve my critical eye for my own copy and others’. 

        I can approach my own writing with more clarity, and I know how to inject personality while also making sure the copy is simple, clear and reassuring. I really love a good CTA!

        -Anna Clayton, Copywriter

        What to expect

        6 x modules of set curriculum broken into digestible chunks that I walk you through step-by-step—it's my entire A-Z process for strategising, planning and writing seamless UX copy, all yours to repeat on future copy projects

        8 x 1-hour Q&A sessions to get any questions answered, network with other trailblazers and get my eyes and feedback on your work and business

        A private Facebook group to network with other talented copywriters (many of whom have already completed the course) and share reflections, ask questions, and celebrate wins

        Breather weeks to catch up on missed modules or practice examples — or simply spend more time on your business or with loved ones

        Time-saving checklists, templates, and frameworks I used in my business that you can rinse and repeat on every project (say good-bye to that start-of-project panic)

        "Website UX Refresh Sesh" video reviews — submit yours for a UX copy review or learn from watching others!

        You’ll also get support after our time is up with these bonuses

        When you join Beyond Web Copy you also get:

        Front page of the xTick it off UX Copywriting Check List

        “Tick It Off” – The Ultimate Website UX Copywriting Checklist


        Perfect for UX copywriting audits, keeping a project on track, answering clients' objections/questions and handing copy over with confidence

        UX Copy Trailblazers FB Group

        9 Months Access to UX Copy Trailblazers Membership


        Continue to get any lingering questions answered by me and your fellow Trailblazers in the monthly LIVE Q&As. Plus, get premium content, accountability check-ins and free trainings to maintain your momentum.

        AND recorded expert masterclasses inside the Business Building Bundle

        How to Create a 5* Customer Experience That Wows Your Clients and Raises Your Rates with Eman Ismail

        If you think you have to be one of the best copywriters in the game to charge the big bucks – you’re wrong.

        In this recorded talk, Eman Ismail walks you through how to deliver a 5-star copywriting service that helps fill your bank account and leaves clients wanting more.

          Headshot of Annie Gichuru

          Building a Racially Diverse and Inclusive Business with Annie Gichuru

          Are you reaching all the people who could benefit from your work? In this recorded workshop Annie Gichuru (my own talented racial equity coach) talks openly about:

          • The language of DEI and how it applies to your business
          • Conducting an audit to see where you are in your journey
          • How to be consciously inclusive in your business
          • Allyship: locking arms to do this important work together

          How to Attract More Clients and Book Yourself Solid with Licia Morelli

          Are you ready to book yourself solid? In this 45-minute recorded workshop copywriting agency-owner Licia Morelli shares her industry know-how to help you:

          • Fill your calendar with consistent clients
          • Create a strong referral network
          • Have a strong prospect funnel week in and week out
          • Get rehired by your current clients after you finish a project
          Sandra Chuma headshot

          How to Embody Worthiness with Sandra Chuma

          Certified life, business, habits and mindfulness coach, Sandra Chuma, explains how self-worth is key to living a successful and fulfilled life. We discuss:

          • The transformative power of self-worth
          • Sandra’s surprising advice to anyone doubting their self-worth
          • The first steps someone can take to feel more worthy
          Jessica headshot

          “Full of bonuses that skyrocket your UX skills”

          “Beyond Web Copy took me to the next level in building a website from scratch. It’s the complete step-by-step guide to creating an unforgettable user experience on a website that’ll keep people coming back for more.

          Now I lead and manage web copy projects with new ease and professionalism. It’s such a worthwhile experience.”

          -Rola Bousalih, Copywriter

          Nerissa headshot

          “Do it without hesitation.”

          “We already built really good websites but it was always missing an element of user experience and the knowledge to improve it.

          Beyond Web Copy helped me join the dots between my digital marketing and user experience knowledge. It has definitely given me insight I didn’t know I needed to understand UX.

          I will make full use of it going forward in everything that I do.”

          – Nerissa Dirkse

          Tracey headshot

          “Key to a successful writing career”

          “I’ve always wondered if I was ‘good’ enough to the point of maybe packing it in before I even got started. It’s not going to happen, thanks to Beyond Web Copy.

          This program is the key to building your successful writing career—you CAN make it happen! 

          My last 2 copywriting projects have been finished more quickly and with waaayy more clarity than before. Meaning my confidence has been boosted along with my time management!”

          -Tracey Baxter

          It’s your turn to join these savvy copywriters standing out and getting ahead with UX

          There’s never been a better time to skill up on UX

          Join Beyond Web Copy with

          1 payment of AUD$2997 

          Approx. USD$1920

          Save 10% when you pay upfront.

          Join Beyond Web Copy with

          6 payments of AUD$550

          Approx. USD$355

          Spacious monthly payments

          But Susan, do clients really want UX experience?

          Clued-up copywriters ask me this often—and I get it!

          Why invest in UX when so many other things compete for your attention (and $$$)?

          Am I on the right track?

          Let me reassure you…

          When I ask clients on sales calls, “Why me?” (hot tip: steal this question to ask in your sales calls for solid Voice of Customer intel), almost all clients say the same thing: “I want someone with UX experience.”

          It gives me the confidence and skills to close and then deliver 5-figure projects—something I want for you too!

          But here’s the thing.

          Even clients that don’t have a clue about User Experience are impressed with how someone with UX knowledge will approach a website project.

          You better believe they’re grateful when you get them more conversions, save them from spending money on the wrong thing, or make clever suggestions to improve the flow through their site.

          And it’s not just clients.

          Web designers LURVE working with copywriters who understand this stuff. Having a designer refer you work and vouch for your skills means less time pitching, and more time earning.

          Just ask previous students…

          I’ve got an influx of referrals from designers who love my focus on UX

          Knowing what I know now, investing in Beyond Web Copy would’ve been a no-brainer.

          Before I was struggling to differentiate myself from other website copywriters.

          Now I have a clear USP and I’m far more confident. My processes are more efficient and effective. I’m able to justify my choice of words to clients. I’ve added website UX reviews/audits to my packages.

          It’s helped take my business to the next level and raise my rates. I’m offering masterclasses and coaching inside other programs. 

          From day 1, I loved every second.

          -Debs Cormode, UX Copywriter

          “I’ve already gotten referrals to other great clients”

          “Initially, I wondered whether it’d be worth it and whether I’d learn anything new. When I think about how I’d continue to be struggling in the dark with the planning stages, I’m SO glad I took this course now. 

          I’ve already impressed clients by showing them things like the UX journey and how that relates to CTAs. And they’ve referred me to other great clients. It’s one thing to do a course and think it’s amazing then another to have clients comment and confirm that the investment was totally worth it. I’m buzzing!”

          -Marisa Twentymen, UX Copywriter

          Marisa headshot

          Wondering if Beyond Web Copy is the right fit for you?

          Copywriters who get the most ROI out of Beyond Web Copy are:

          Excited to fuse their love of brand voice, SEO, conversion copy or marketing with the ultimate user experience and hear clients reply, “This is the best copy I’ve ever read!” and refer you their (well-paying) network.

          Looking to raise their rates and get business on repeat and referral — while feeling pumped about the value they're delivering to their clients.

          Ready to be a faster writer, hit the page running, stop second-guessing, writing, rewriting and tweaking copy trying to get the right wording. They know once they can write more in less time, they'll be unstoppable.

          Naturally gravitating towards more web copy clients, even if still writing other types of copy. A website is the heart of digital marketing, and understanding how it all works together makes you a better copywriter. Period.

          Frustrated by unnecessary rounds of client feedback and edits. Even though they "know" they’re right, they don't have a process for explaining why they make certain decisions for web copy.

          Ready to feel confident with any web copy project (whether it’s a 1 page for a service provider or a 100-page ecommerce site) and not fall back to guessing with templates or cheap done-for-you courses.

          Motivated to feel "in the know" of what's working for websites NOW, don't want to settle for "meh" copy, and are ready to go above and beyond for their clients (without burning out or spending hours tweaking their copy).

          Relieved and excited to finally find a copywriting course with a whole module, bonus masterclass, and extra resources on writing inclusive and accessible web copy.

          Looking to learn and grow in a community environment where you can build your network of supporters and share your knowledge to help your colleagues.

          We should high-5 and part ways now if you:


          Never plan to write website copy even if you have a step-by-step framework that makes it easy


          Are looking for a silver bullet that will magically rake in 6-figures while you sip Pina Coladas (growing a business takes work and perseverance)


          Are not willing to set aside a couple of hours a week for major time-savings and earning potential down the road


          Won’t be able to stand a single typo, curse word, or fumble (You’re welcome to politely point these things out to me. But like all humans, I’m not perfect, and I don’t expect you to be either!)


          Think “inclusion” and “accessibility” are buzzwords or “politically correct crap”

          Still wondering if it’d be a good fit?

          Email me at and let’s chat about it. The success of the program relies on only having the right 35 people in the room, so I’ll be straight up with you if it isn’t a fit.

          And I’m willing to back that all the way by offering a…

          Money-back guarantee

          30-day money-back guarantee

          This gives you time to do the first 2 modules and a LIVE Q&As. If you don’t feel Beyond Web Copy is giving you the tools you need to confidently write website copy with better UX, I’ll gladly return your investment. Just email me at

          I won’t patronise you or ask for homework. I’ll ask a couple of questions to see if I can course correct or learn from the experience. I’m all about growth mindset!

          If you’re ready to put all the pieces together with my support knowing you’ve got this guarantee in your back pocket, I’d love to welcome you this round.

          Join Beyond Web Copy with

          1 payment of AUD$2997 

          Approx. USD$1920

          Save 10% when you pay upfront.

          Join Beyond Web Copy with

          6 payments of AUD$550

          Approx. USD$355

          Spacious monthly payments

          “What is this sorcery?”

          That’s the kind of feedback you get when you can write 3 user-friendly, conversion-focused, data-backed web pages in a 7-hour day.

          And when websites that previously barely got a nibble before you worked on them are reeling in quality leads each week.

          Whether you go it alone or get my help…

          There’s never been a better time for copywriters to get into UX.

          Think of it like building a house.

          When you get the plans and engineering right, it saves you time, money, and temple-throbbing stress when you pick up a hammer or dig the foundations.

          UX sets you up to write with confidence—and write quickly so you can earn more.

          It’s the blueprint for your success.

          Whether you’re just getting started or have a tonne of copywriting experience—I’d love to help you get to the next level inside Beyond Web Copy.

          There are only 30 spots in the class—reserve yours now to avoid disappointment

          There’s never been a better time – let’s go!

          You can pay upfront

              • 6 x modules (my entire process!) taught in digestible chunks and yours to keep
              • 8 x Q&A sessions for 1:1 feedback from me
              • 24/7 peer support access inside the private UX Copy Trailblazer Facebook Group
              • Worksheets, templates, tools and checklists galore to imbed what your learn for life
              • BONUS 1: Website UX Copy Checklist 
              • BONUS 2: Trailblazer Membership with ongoing LIVE support (6 months access)
              • BONUS 3: Business Building Bundle 5 masterclasses from industry experts
              • BONUS 4: Website Refresh Sesh vault and LIVE (submit yours!)
              • BONUS 5: Save 10% when you pay upfront

          1 payment of AUD$2997 

          +GST for Australian customers

          (approx $1920 USD)

          Or take advantage of the payment plan

              • 6 x modules (my entire process!) taught in digestible chunks and yours to keep
              • 8 x Q&A sessions for 1:1 feedback from me
              • 24/7 peer support access inside the pop-up UX Trailblazer Slack Group
              • Worksheets, templates, tools and checklists galore to imbed what your learn for life
              • BONUS 1: Website UX Copy Checklist 
              • BONUS 2: Private Trailblazer FB Group with LIVE support (6 months access)
              • BONUS 3: Business Building Bundle 5 masterclasses from industry experts
              • BONUS 4: Website Refresh Sesh vault and LIVE (submit yours!)
              • Billed every 2 weeks or monthly – your choice!

          6 payments of AUD$550 

          + GST for Australian customers

          (approx $355 USD)

          I now better understand how my UX and copy skills can work hand-in-hand to deliver more value to clients AND generate more income for my freelance business!

          Thanks to Beyond Web Copy, I have a solid foundation for researching, writing, and delivering copy and insights to clients that contributes to a better overall user experience on their site and — ultimately — better business performance.

          I feel infinitely more confident about taking on these projects in the future with Susan’s guidance (and AMAZING templates).

          My freelance business is currently a side hustle, and I wanted to understand if there would be any information around the mechanics of running a freelance UX copywriting business. Any question I had — about services, client onboarding/offboarding, pricing, etc. — was answered by Susan in our live Q&As or on Slack.

          I loved how hands-on this course was. Susan is the coach/mentor people dream of. I highly recommend any copywriter, content professional or UX professional takes this course.

          -Alex Vietor, UX Research & Designer 

          Get all the final details in this Q&A

          What’s Beyond Web Copy?

          It’s the 10-years in the making group coaching program for copywriters who want to write faster, earn more, and generate more conversions for their web copy clients backed by cutting-edge UX. It shows you how to confidently craft an intuitive website user experience (UX) with strategy and words within a supportive, hands-on 12-week container.

          When does it run?

          We kick off on 10th March and will have our final good-bye party on 25th May. You can check out all the key dates and times here.

          Will it work in my time-zone?

          Yes! The modules are pre-recorded so you can watch and listen when it suits you. The website reviews are also recorded for this reason. The Live Q&As are held at 2 different times that work in practically every time zone. You can check out all the key dates and times here.

          IS there a payment plan?

          There sure is! You can opt to pay over 12 weeks or 6 months (6 payments of $435 AUD). 

          I'm so busy, I'm not sure I can fit this in.

          It’s so hard to prioritise your own career progression with you’re up to your eyeballs in client work, I get it! 
          However, really check in with yourself on this one. What’s going to change 6 months – 1 year from now? Charging a premium for your work means you have more time to re-invest in yourself and your business, which can lead to higher rates.

          Beyond Web Copy is about making your process more efficient and effective—so you have more time down the track. Future you will thank you.

          How much time does it take?

          That’s really up to you.


          No, seriously. If you can find an hour or two a week to listen to the coursework and Q&A recordings, you’ll get plenty out of the program. And you get my time-saving frameworks and templates (the goal is actually to save you time!)

          If you have 3-4 hours, you’ll be able to implement everything you learn which will really imbed the knowledge in your brain to draw on for every single project going forward. Neat hey?

          Oh and there are breather weeks, so if you’re really smashed one week, you don’t have that “oh no I’ll never catch up now” feeling.

          How do the website reviews work?

          You get the chance to submit your website for a UX copywriting review. I’ll choose 8 websites that can illustrate the most to the whole group. The earlier you submit your website, the better your chance of getting picked. Everyone will access the recording to see UX copywriting in action.

          Will this teach me about SEO?

          Nope, this web copy course is specifically about UX.

          I'm worried I won't learn anything new...will I?

          The concepts, frameworks and templates you’ll get inside Beyond Web Copy aren’t the same tips & tricks you’ve consumed on blogs, podcasts and free tutorials. And it’s different to any other copywriting course you’ve taken before. You’ll discover how to blend UX with copywriting in a way that isn’t available anywhere else, as far as I know.

          It’s my entire process that I’ve built up and proven through real clients and real projects over the last 10 years. It’s been proven to work on websites from 5 to 150+ pages.

          As an experienced copywriter myself, I know it’s hard to find courses that take you to the next level. I believe this is it for you. If it’s not, let me know within 14 days and I’ll give you your money back.

          What if I'm not experienced enough?

          Although the content and outcomes are advanced, this is a program for copywriters of all levels. We’ve had people looking to get started right through to veterans with 10 years experience and even UX designers who wanted to understand the “words part” better. 

          You’ll be walked through every step in straightforward language and plenty of examples. The live Q&As and the Slack group are there to make sure no one falls behind.

          The earlier you equip yourself with UX knowledge, the sooner you can write intuitive web copy with confidence.

          Hey, I'm a web designer does this apply to me?

          Yes, definitely! A lot of web designers come from a graphic design point of view, which is great. But means you could be missing the product development piece that has the potential to round out your knowledge and make you a design superstar. WHAT?! You understand copy too? You’re hired!

          I've done other copy courses, will it be a repeat of what I already know?

          I highly doubt it. This unique course was born directly from my UX copywriting experience that helped me earn $200k revenue last year.
          If you find within the first 2 weeks you haven’t learnt anything new, I’ll happily refund you any payment you’ve made. (And I won’t be weird about it.)

          Do I need to be working on a website to do this program?

          While it’s great to have something you can apply what you learn in real-time, it’s not necessary to get loads of value from the program. I’ll share plenty of exercises and examples. You get a set process (and checklists, templates and frameworks) you can return to again and again. UX is an iterative and ongoing practice, so there are plenty of opportunities to apply what you learn.

          Got another question?

          Join Beyond Web Copy with

          1 payment of AUD$2997 

          Approx. USD$1920

          Save 10% when you pay upfront.

          Join Beyond Web Copy with

          6 payments of AUD$550

          Approx. USD$355

          Billed every 2 weeks or monthly – the choice is yours!

          Hey there lovely, still debating “is this for me?”

          Look, I’ll be frank—

          Traditional conversion copywriting techniques are awesome—they’ve been around for 100 odd years and have stood the test of time.

          I use them every single day.

          But the internet changed everything. And to adapt and thrive as a copywriter in 2023 you need to understand User Experience.

          It has the power to:

          • Make you a faster writer
          • Increase conversions
          • Give you the confidence to land bigger projects and charge expert-level rates
          • Build your reputation as the go-to web copy expert

          It’s a non-negotiable skill for copywriters in 2023.

          Susan smiling and shrugging

          Let’s work together to future-proof your copywriting career!

          Join Beyond Web Copy with

          1 payment of AUD$2997 

          Approx. USD$1920

          Save 10% when you pay upfront.

          Join Beyond Web Copy with

          6 payments of AUD$550

          Approx. USD$355

          Spacious monthly payments

          Here’s to YOU standing out as the go-to expert in the copywriter crowd, now and in the future!

          xo Susan

          Earnings disclaimer

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