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Beyond Web Copy Testimonials

These trailblazing copywriters write better web copy faster and with more clarity than ever before

Whether you’re just starting out or have decade of experience—upskilling in UX is a gamechanger. This is your chance to hear from those who have gone before you. Enjoy!

I joined Beyond Web Copy, because I wanted to be one step ahead and all of my life I have worked in customer care – delivering excellence – that’s why I wanted to provide the best ever copywriting/UX experience.

But I have always wondered if I was ‘good’ enough to the point of maybe packing in before I even got started. It’s not going to happen thanks to Beyond Web Copy.

It’s an incredibly valuable all round course which will elevate your writing career, your business and your confidence. My last 2 copywriting projects have been finished more quickly and with waaayy more clarity than before.  Meaning my confidence has been boosted along with my time management.

Beyond Web Copy is the key to building your successful writing career. Susan is the X factor in this – add in all the training resources, the support of the group and it was always going to be a transformational course! I just wish I had some way of continuing to work with her.

Tracey Baxter


Deenah headshot

I’ve raised my rates, feel confident, and am delivering better work.

Beyond Web Copy is probably the best thing you can do as a copywriter, you won’t have any regrets. This isn’t any information you can find anywhere else, because Susan’s the only one talking about it.

I had just finished a course and wondered if I should jump right back in. I wondered if I already “knew enough” and if it would go beyond the principles of copywriting I’d already learned about.

Right around that time, I had a project where the client brought up these concerns about the order of information after we had finished the website. It sucked up quite a bit of time and rattled my confidence. I wish I’d had more solid UX knowledge to lean on and support my decisions. I realized I don’t know what I don’t know!

Beyond Web Copy is a website copywriter’s dream!!! (Really, any copywriter’s dream because almost all of it is *so* applicable to any sort of copy and user journey.)

After going through it, I wonder how copywriters can not know this stuff haha. It looks at the big picture down to the tiny but critical details. It’s zero fluff, all actionable gold that will blow any copywriter’s mind in some way or another. Plus, the amount of value you get from the Slack group and calls is wiiiiiiiiiild. That alone is worth it.

I’ve raised my rates and finish web copy project with ease (and some nifty new insight for the designer)! I’m tweaking my process to incorporate some of the pre-writing things I learned in the course which help me write faster, get more buy-in from clients, and spend less time messing around with the order of the copy which I’m very excited about.

I’ve definitely gained confidence. I feel like I know what I’m talking about when it comes to advising on what pages are needed, what should go where on a page, and how users will interact with the copy. It gives me street cred as “more than a writer” – but a strategist!

I feel more confident thinking about the bigger picture and how the website copy fits into it because I have a more solid system to do so. (BTW Beyond Web Copy is such a perfect name because it really does make you think about the ecostsem the website fits in.)

Before I was kind of working on intuition and piecing together little bits of info to advise on these types of things, but now I feel like I have a more solid process and FACTS to back it up.

I’m also slowly letting go of the fear/nerves that come with handing over a first draft, thanks to a revised process and because of the way I can explain all my reasoning.

Every single piece was so relevant to what I do. I haven’t found a course that’s this tailored to website copy and the type of website copywriter I want to be: someone who goes beyond the copy itself. I truly loved nerding out with each lesson and felt like it was the ideal course for me. UX copywriting is really under-rated which means this course is truly one of a kind as far as I know. 

Beyond that, I really really appreciated how human-centric the course is as whole. There’s a focus on diversity, accessibility, and racial inclusivity which is HUGE and helps put things into perspective with what really matters. It’s also so fitting with the ethos of “user experience.” I haven’t come across that before.

And then there’s the attention and personalization Susan gives each and every student, really taking the time to learn about their journey and acknowledge their strengths. That felt really special and you can tell Susan really cares about her students on a whole other level.

THANK YOU for creating this course!

Natalie Gates

Website Copywriter

This was a deeply personal investment. My Mum had recently passed and left me a small sum of money. She lived her whole life in poverty, and it was so important to me to make sure that the money was carefully invested in something that would open up my earning potential and break that generational wealth cycle.

Looking back to when I joined Beyond Web Copy, I wouldn’t have believed that I’d get so much out of it, have so much positive support AND that it would open up so many possibilities for work, income and networking. 

Jillian Pocock

UX Copywriter

Deenah headshot

I write more confidently, I write more strategically, I’ve doubled my rates…

What you teach goes way beyond just web copy in general.

Spending *most* of my time in marketing strategy/copy chiefing/editing at the moment, I’m already putting what I learned into play. When I’m making suggestions for people on how to tweak or edit their copy, sometimes I get a *twinge* of nervousness and ask myself, “Is this the right suggestion? The right advice?”

BWC has removed those twinges because I have a roadmap to follow when it coms to UX and how the user interacts with the content. It also has taken my copy editing skills to a whole new level. Susan had so many tips and tricks when it comes to microcopy that I’m now revising my own editing checklist to incorporate them into it.

Susan talks about things when it comes to copywriting that NO ONE is talking about. The microcopy module alone was worth the cost of admission. 

And finally, my achilles heal of writing aka button copy, is now becoming my strong suit.  It’s something I’m going to do day in and day out in my business — and since I’m even more confident in my writing and editing skills, I feel like I can raise my prices in the future knowing how much value I’m bringing to the table. I’ve been blessed to have taken some pretty amazing programs, and therefore I can say that BWC is at the top tier of courses and programs.

It’s a program that EVERY copywriter needs to take if they want to stay at the top of their game. This has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business — and I don’t even write website copy all the time!

Not to mention, Susan is so hands on that it makes it feel like a high-level coaching program, not *just* another course.

Susan is also wicked smart, kind, empathetic, and a top-notch copywriter. As I write this, the copywriting world has *blow up* over chatGPT. And as a copywriter I’m personally a little excited. How come? Because after taking BWC I *know* I have a competitive edge in terms of copy and strategy because of BWC. What Susan teaches in this program is ahead of it’s time because now as copywriters you have to fundamentally understand UX if you want to stay competitive. There’s no more skating by.

And everything that’s in the program is what you need to understand to properly work with AI to put the best copy out there. So, I already thought BWC was a great investment. Now I feel it might be the make-or-break investment in terms of a successful copywriting career (<sounds dramatic, but it’s true.)

Brenna McGowan

Launch Strategist & Copywriter

We built really good websites but it was always missing an element of user experience and the knowledge to improve it.

Beyond Web Copy contained nice bite-sized information with enough challenges to push my thinking in a way that helped me join the dots between my digital marketing and user experience knowledge.

It has definitely given me the knowledge that I didn’t know I needed to understand UX. I will keep all the notes and materials I have received and make full use of it going forward in everything that I do. 

It was nice to stay connected with everyone including with Susan who has been very hands on. I liked the way we were encouraged to also give our input and the ceremonies were definitely refreshing. 

Do it without hesitation.

Nerissa Dirkse


Trailblazers come from every corner of Earth

From Africa to Australia, Lebanon to London, our community is enriched by the collective and diverse experiences and expertise of the copywriters inside.

“There’s a focus on diversity, accessibility, and racial inclusivity which is HUGE. It’s also so fitting with the ethos of “user experience.” – Natalie Gates

I wanted a strategic, proven approach to UX copy — rather than a hodgepod of conversion copy + UX design experience. I wanted to know, how do I take what I know (and love) about design thinking, design sprints, and UX/U and translate that onto the page so that it makes the sale?

And, I wanted the same for conversion copy: how do I take what I know works for conversions and make it so user friendly and optimized that the sale is all but guaranteed (as long as it’s the right audience and right offer)?

If you want to learn this, Susan’s THE one to learn from. I loved that the results and use of BWC are so practical. They have helped with relationships with designers, developers, clients, audience members, potential buyers, social media strategists, etc. It truly is “BEYOND” web copy. 

It just makes everything easier. I’ve used aspects of the program in a variety of copy projects — from web copy to sales pages to launch emails to pre-launch. I’m in the very beginning stages of redoing a website with over 100 pages and when the designer asked me to do the site map, I thought about the INCREDIBLE Content Comb inside BWC and knew that would be a breeze. The content comb, story map, and wireframe are worth the price of the course, easy — and don’t even get me started on the microcopy and CTA sections. NO ONE ELSE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS. And yet, it is one of the most important aspects. 

It has completely streamlined my copy approach and delivered exactly what I was hoping for: a tried and tested resource to combine UX with conversion copy. Nothing else compares to it’s functionality and how applicable it is in the day-to-day work of a copywriter. If you don’t prioritize UX, you aren’t paying attention to how people buy. 

Plus, Susan is lovely! Her content is spot on and she attracts a fab cohort of learners. It’s entirely practical. It is expertly designed and delivered. It’s chock full of value, but not it a “I’m never going to finish (or use) this” way. It’s robust but not overwhelming. For 3 of the modules, I watched the training, made a copy of whatever applicable resource I need, and just It doesn’t get any better than that.  

Get in her world!

Rachael Darden

UX Copywriter

Montasser headshot

The amount of value that I took away from this course can’t be described.

I was struggling to find a niche and figure out what was important to add to my skill set to stay relevant. But now I’ve laid the foundation to future proof my copywriting career

Writers know less is more, but it’s easy to get caught up in following what other writers do or trends when actually minimal is most effective. Beyond Web Copy gave me permission to chop that shit down! I took what we’d learned and improved the user journey and removed superfluous copy. As soon as I made the changes I felt as light and fabulous as a Queer Eye makeover.

I started applying the skills and knowledge learned in Beyond Web Copy from day one. I loved learning your process, the live editing of websites, the microcopy and the Q&As were great. There were quite a few moments of validation for me, which I really appreciated.

I’ve been able to take that into my client work too. I’ve felt much more confident writing website copy and feel equipped that I know what I’m doing and what best practice looks like. I know this has delivered additional value to my clients.

Being able to use Susan’s process, tools, tricks and templates have saved me time, effort, rework and probably some tears. Honestly, I’d pay for the course just to get my hands on those!

I found the Slack group and community to be quite unique. Other programs or courses had strong connections but within the course structure. It was great to keep things going and have questions answered by others in the group outside of the class times. Susan is an awesome teacher and I’m so glad I was part of the very first cohort.

Kelly Allen

Ethical Copywriter

Before I joined Beyond Web Copy, I felt overwhelmed by lots of conflicting resources, too many cooks in projects, and a lack of clarity leading to lack of confidence. Now I have clarity and confidence around best practice and the tangible skills and systems needed to deliver that for every project.

It’s given me more confidence to assert myself as the expert and remove a level of subjectivity. From the perspective of the course, my favourite parts were the worksheets, templates and tangible takeaways—they’re such a valuable addition to the theory work. From the perspective of the overall experience, I also loved the community aspect.

I had wondered “would I learn anything I didn’t already know?” But rather than some other courses where you learn some stuff, get a bit excited then return to normal, I’ll continue to use and build on this knowledge into the future. I’m looking forward to revisiting it in my own time and going through everything again to see how I can keep integrating this into my offering. And – I keep saying this word, but – TANGIBLE TAKEAWAYS! That’s the difference between a genuine investment in learning and just…buying another thing.

This is value-packed, confidence-boosting, career-moving type learning! Super stoked to have been part of this (and to have met Susan and the rest of the talented UXers).

Lauren Pomphery


Deenah headshot

“I showed my client the templates and all the pre planning stages we do inside Beyond Web Copy, and then my copy. And I didn’t realise, but this client works in web design with a lot of UX copywriters, and he came back and was like, Oh, my gosh, this is the best UX copywriting I’ve ever seen. This has blown my mind and I’ve worked with so many UX writers in the past.”

When I heard that I was completely buzzing becuase it’s one thing, investing in the course. And then it’s another hearing back from a client that actually this investment has paid off. He’s gone on to recommend me to other companies that need UX copywriters.”

I now better understand how my UX and copy skills can work hand-in-hand to deliver more value to clients AND generate more income for my freelance business!

Thanks to Beyond Web Copy, I have a solid foundation for researching, writing, and delivering copy and insights to clients that contributes to a better overall user experience on their site and — ultimately — better business performance. 

I now better understand how my UX and copy skills can work hand-in-hand to deliver more value to clients (and generate more income for my fledgling freelance business!). 

Beyond Web Copy has demystified writing website copy for me. Susan has laid out a logical, research-backed way to construct the content of a site that saves time while ensuring user needs and business objectives stay at the heart of it all. 

I feel infinitely more confident about taking on these projects in the future with her guidance (and AMAZING templates).

As someone with roughly a year of UX experience, I was worried that most of the course might be a “”refresher”” for me. While there were many familiar concepts, I certainly learned new, valuable things in every module and Q&A. Questions from the group and discussions in Slack made the material even richer.

My freelance business is currently a side hustle, and I wanted to understand if there would be any information around the mechanics of running a freelance UX copywriting business. Any question I had — about services, client onboarding/offboarding, pricing, etc. — was answered by Susan in our live Q&As or on Slack. Everyone in the group was so generous with their time and guidance. I loved how hands-on this course was. Lots of information comes from the course material itself, but even more knowledge is gained through discussion with others.

Susan is an incredibly brilliant, warm, talented coach, and all of my fellow classmates are true stars. Her years of industry experience also set the course apart from others. After working in-house with product teams and then managing her own business, Susan’s expert knowledge shines through in every course slide, template, checklist, and Slack response. 

Beyond Web Copy is an outstanding course, and Susan is the coach/mentor people dream of. I highly recommend any content professional or UX professional takes this course.

Alex Vietor

UX Researcher, Designer & Copywriter

I knew UX was increasingly important but had little idea what I needed to know and how it should align with copy. There was definitely some overwhelm when applying it to a huge website, too!

Now I feel so much clearer on how to implement great UX tools in my copy, and most importantly, I have much more confidence. It’s really improved my critical eye, for my own copy and others’. I feel I can approach my own writing with more clarity, and I know how to inject personality while also making sure the copy is simple, clear and reassuring.

I hoped everything I would learn would apply as an employee, as well as a business owner. The concepts were well conveyed so I could communicate them to others in the business who also work on our website, so that worry was quickly resolved!

Learning as much from other members of the course as from the course itself was such a bonus. The group had a really positive vibe and there was a lot of knowledge-sharing. 

I liked it being over a set period of weeks because I felt I could dedicate my time to it without distraction. Other courses I’ve done are self-paced which was handy, but also leaves room for distraction and means you can learn forever and not apply those new skills!

In short, really enjoyed the course, learned so much, I have already actioned a good chunk of what I’ve learned, and I finished building my freelance site over Christmas thanks to those boosts of confidence and clarity, so thank you, Susan!

Anna Clayton


Natalie headshot

“Going forward on future projects I’ll always think, what would Susan do? Those Q&As were super, super helpful for specific problems, but also soaking in stuff you can apply forever. The content itself you broke things down into super digestible chunks. You just take a little snippet and apply it right away. It was never  overwhelming. 

Your responses in the Slack group were super, super indepth throughout the week in between calls. It’s like, whatever you have a question about it’s gonna get answered super, super early. There’s no real limit.

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