Want my 3-step guide for irresistible microcopy? Yes! I’m ready to sell more

The Copy Strategy Package


Your first step on the road to “take my money” copy.

Uh, what is it?

The thing that stops you from throwing away money

Where I see most people get it wrong? They hire an A-list copywriter, when really they should work with an expert strategist first.

Without a solid strategy in place, your money is better spent on a holiday than a copywriter—neither will make you sales, but at least a holiday is relaxing.

For example, you may think you need a new sales page, but it turns out your sales page ALREADY converts at a higher than the market average and what you really need is a prelaunch sequence.

Knowing what to write and what key messages your audience needs to hear to trust and invest in you:

– Stops you from wasting your hard earned money on writing something that never had a chance at succeeding

– Gives you more bang for your buck from your copywriter (because they’ll have everything they need to write super fast)

– Attracts highly qualified leads and a chorus of Stripe and PayPal notifications

How does it work?

Kinda like self-care, it's all about you

Grab a cup of tumeric tea or crisp Reisling and set aside 2 glorious hours to reflect on your business. I’ll provide thought-provoking yet fun questions to guide you. They’re positioned to stir up more aha moments than an Oprah special.

Then roll those shoulders as you pass the baton to me.

I’ll analyse your existing copy, research, customers, and goals. Thanks to my UX expertise, I can zoom out for a bird’s eye view as well as dive into the tiny details that can have a massive impact on conversions.

Then we’ll sit down for a relaxing 60-minutes to create a step-by-step copy strategy to get you those life-changing results!

This process gives whoever is going to write your copy (whether that’s me, you or another copywriter in the future) all the information needed to write high-performing and resonant copy that sounds like you and attracts dream clients like a shopping mall attracts slow walkers (whyyyyyy?)

Who is it for?

Anyone serious about getting results

Literally, every business owner can benefit from this. It’s a necessary first step to working with a copywriter.

Without it, you risk paying me thousands for copy that didn’t have a chance at converting well.

But if you want to write the copy yourself—this has the potential to save you months of going round in circles and sleepless nights. I’ll provide you with clear guidance on what messages to hit and what to write about.

You’ll understand your business and audience better—and they are the key ingredients to pinch-yourself results.

No more spending months trying to figure out what to write about.

Why am I doing this again?

To get a strategy that helps move your customers from “Hmmm not sure” to “Do you accept PayPal?”

Avoid hiring me to rewrite something that’s already performing well, and free that budget up to optimise the copy that’s underperforming.

You get:

  • An in-depth and specific understanding of your audience’s pain points, desires, objections and false beliefs that you can continue to tap into launch upon launch as your success grows.

  • A detailed customer journey map for complete clarity on what to write in what order with clearly marked conversion optimisation opportunities (like where to try different subject lines, how to make a CTA more compelling, what to include in a confirmation message).

  • A copywriter who feels as much of your team as you do and has the in-depth understanding of your business required to write high-converting copy so going forwards, you can simply book a day and know I have everything I need with minimal input from you.

Ready to invest in yourself and your business?

Ian Ward headshot

When I receive a lead from our website, I thank Susan

We were seeing a massive “bounce” rate as potential clients would arrive on the website and fail to engage with us.

Susan spent a lot of time understanding our business and our clients.  I always knew where we were in the process and what Susan needed from me to succeed.

When I receive a lead from our website, I thank Susan for the well-written and relatable content that continually draws people in to engage with us.

—Ian Ward, Founder, Cyber Pro

Lindy Alexander sits on steps and holds a magazine on her lap

Susan wrote copy for an upsell that saw a huge 50% conversion rate!

Susan always gives me this incredible motivation— a session with her is the perfect balance of incisive feedback, actionable advice and encouragement to actually get it done.

She tells me to “do this now” in the nicest possible way.

From suggesting changes to my copy for an upsell that saw a huge 50% conversion rate to giving me the confidence to quickly create products and pages that I’ve been meaning to do for months, a day/session with Susan is priceless.

Whatever the cost – pay it – you’ll never regret it. She’ll revolutionise your business.

—Lindy Alexander, Founder, The Freelancer’s Year

Laura Belgray sits behind a computer

“Susan is genius at tiny, 2-minute tweaks that get you more conversions. She’s crafty AF on the page!”

—Laura Belgray, Founder & Copy Expert, Talking Shrimp

MauraK in a blue parka cross country skiiing

Everyone should hire this absolute master of her craft – she’ll totally nail it.

A VIP day with Susan felt like self-care – her attention to detail and thorough intake process made me feel completely understood and seen. It was such a relief to just sit back and let the pro work her magic.
Susan really goes the extra mile and puts so much care and thought into her process and work. I instantly trusted her from the initial setup and call and could tell I was in good hands. Plus, her organized and efficient process makes it such a breeze to work with her and implement all of the polished copy she creates.
Every time I read over my new website copy I think – wow, there’s nothing I’d change! I love it all. I was beyond impressed at what Susan was able to deliver in just one day. I’m incredibly grateful that I found her super pro services and invested in myself and my business. 

—Maura Kelpy, Graphic Designer + Owner, MauraK Creative + Veggiesandvodka.com