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Landing your first UX writing gig ain’t easy.

But even once all the late nights studying, countless chats in UX social media forums, and panel interviews (*hello sweaty palms) have paid off and you land the job of your dreams, the work has really just begun.

*Insert record player coming to a screeching stop sound

When you’re sitting at your trendy hot-desk you don’t want to be wasting your time and energy worrying whether you’re qualified or professional enough.

Getting into this new and exciting field could mean quadrupling your income, but the flip side is that it’s so new. Even the most senior UX writer on your team likely has a few more years of experience than you. If there’s even a senior on board.

Your team will be looking to you for answers, as much (if not more) as you to them.

Here’s the bottom line…

Writing is 17%* of what you’ll do each day

*based on totally unscientific research—don’t tell the researchers ok?

Learning how to write a friendly error message is just part of the puzzle.

The fact is most aspiring UX writers spend the first few months trying desperately to find their feet, have their voice heard, build authority and quite frankly figure out what their job is.

Which is about as fun as sandpaper socks.

Because while you’re busy figuring out what’s required of you and your role, you’re not 100% focussed on your actual work—the bit that gets you juicy bonuses and fast promotions.

Stressing out about fitting in and proving your value competes for your brain space, taking you:

✖️ Out of the moment

✖️ Out of the conversation

✖️ Out of your zone of genius

And puts you very much in the firing line of burnout.

But don’t stress, you’ve got what it takes.

You just need someone to show you the ropes so you can ditch the imposter syndrome and showcase your brilliance.

I have just the thing for that…

The UX Writer’s Guide

A must-have resource for the first 90-days on the job, so you can—



By already understanding who’s on your team, what questions to ask them, what’s expected of you and where you can add value.



Confidence grows when you know you’re not alone in your challenges. Discover which challenges are part of the job and how to ace them.



You don’t have time to sift through 200+ pages to find what you need. The guide is concise yet bursting with insight that would otherwise take 3-4 months to learn.



With editable frameworks and processes you can swipe right into your workflows to wow your team. The very same ones I’ve spent 10 years perfecting.

Ready to join 400+ UX writers getting ahead with the UXWG?

The UX Writer’s Guide gives you the insider scoop from someone who’s been exactly where you are right now

Get a strategic understanding of how UX teams work, what’s expected of you, and where you can quickly add value as a writer. Without spending thousands of dollars or months of study.

Want some concrete examples? Awesome.

Here are 4 hurdles most UX Writers face in their first 30 days

And how The UX Writer’s Guide helps you sail over them instead


Lack of clarity around expectations

(and what other team members do)


So you’ve got a great idea, but aren’t sure who the right person is to help you get it across the line. Understanding the roles each member of the team plays and how to get them on-side is integral to your short and long term success.


Fear of sounding stupid

(when saying nothing feels safest)


You can’t do your job if you’re too scared to ask questions. I’ve distilled 10 years of rambling discussion (complete with plenty spine-tingling eye rolls) into 6 questions you need answered in order to write good UX copy—complete with a framework to implement it from day 1.


No one to show them the ropes

(1 is the loneliest number)


This guide was born out of the ashes of loneliness. Even the most experienced UX writer has been where you are today, flying blind in their first year. This guide is the kind, clever mentor that shows you how to actually implement the theory you’ve already learnt.


Information overload

(if only there was a cheat sheet)


In true usability style, the guide hits on the most critical points quickly and then anchors your new-found knowledge deep in your brain with practical examples, swipe-able frameworks, and gamified learning experiences that you can use repeatedly throughout your entire career.

Knowing how the industry works and what’s expected of you, well that my friend, is how you build momentum from day 1. Just ask Mary and Nick…

This is a really empowering guide that would have helped me so much when I was just starting out.

I had to learn a lot of this by trial and error over the past 6 years or so working in the field and to have this as a guide in year one would have been invaluable! I’m going to recommend this to the content team at my work.

Your first version I thought was great for my copywriters that work with me, but this updated version is so valuable that even though a lot of it is a refresher for me as a content strategist, I found some new tricks and tips that I’m excited to share and use!

Mary Pritchard

Content Strategist

The UX Writer’s Guide gave me the courage to take the first step in a job that starts very soon.

It is the bridge between the theory learned in courses, and the actual boots-on-the-ground “real life stuff”. This bridge stage is the scariest part when you’re about to do this for a job for the very first time. 

I would recommend The UX Writer’s Guide to all newbies, no matter what their background. All newbies need some sort of guide to help them get through their first 90 days on the job. I get tired of reading Medium articles. Coursework is coursework. This mentorship/guidance and advice on what to expect on the job is a really good thing you’re doing.

Nick Harris

UX Writer

Now, maybe you’re thinking, “How would you know?”

Which is exactly what I would be thinking too by the way…

Hey, I’m Susan

Finding this new career thing a bit terrifying? Believe me, friend, I’ve been where you are now.

When I got my lucky break in UX writing with a big eCommerce brand, I thought I had it made. ⁠

Then came the tricky part.⁠

Like most UX writers back then, I didn’t have any formal training (LOLs, there were no courses or bootcamps).

What I did have was an incredible team to bounce ideas off as we built the UX writer role from the ground up. One AB test at a time. ⁠

Sounds exciting now … and it was.⁠

⁠But at the time, I wished I’d been given a toolkit on how to make it, rather than having to learn through a series of sink or swim moments.⁠ (You can hazard a guess how many times I sank rather than swam.)

A decade later, I’ve worked with everyone from tech giants to plucky start-ups setting them up for success with the right words and content processes for their digital products.

Some of the legends I’ve worked with

The UX Writer’s Guide has helped hundreds of UX writers thrive in their UX writing careers. Wanna join them?

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What’s inside?

I’ve paid $300 – $1,000 for similar content and outcomes, and the guide is available today for a fraction of that.

The 10 mini-modules come with editable frameworks and processes you can swipe right into your workflows to wow your team.

The concise guide is bursting with practical insights, including:

  • How to get your team members on side—and your voice heard
  • The 6 questions to ask at the start of every project
  • A simple way to get your head around your brand’s digital assets
  • The 1 file you needed to create yesterday
  • A megastructure I use daily to keep fresh inspiration flowing
  • 21 ways to challenge decisions without ruffling feathers
  • My 3-step process for advocating for content-led design
  • Foolproof hacks for writing short copy without sacrificing personality
  • How to increase your visibility in the industry

“It will change your life”

I met Susan when I had first started UX Writing. I was young, had no clue what I was doing, and often woke up hungover on a Thursday. Since then a lot has changed – I’m not young anymore.

Without Susan’s help and calming influence I would probably not have made it into the companies I have, and she has put together a guide to allow you to enjoy the same guidance I did! If you’re a new UX Writer or thinking about changing careers, I can’t recommend it enough.

Even if it doesn’t stop you from waking up hungover on Thursdays, it will still change your life!

Ben Dudley

Senior UX Writer

“I dare you not to get excited”


As a conversion copywriter, I’ve been weaving my way into this realm on my own and barely scratching the surface. So the guide gave me a solid peek into what I can expect, what skills I need to hone, and what thought processes I may need to adopt if I want to get more deeply involved with UX writing.

I absolutely loved Susan’s writing and her personality shining through. It made this such a pleasant read compared to all the dry, often boring (and repetitive) resources out there. Or the courses that ask you to commit to a giant leap before even knowing if this is something you’d like to explore further (let’s be honest, reading a dozen Medium posts doesn’t exactly give you that clarity). 

So if you’ve just started exploring this fascinating field and aren’t quite sure about what to expect, or you’re familiar with UX writing but would like to take it one step further, I couldn’t recommend The UX Writer’s Guide enough!

Ralitsa Minkova

Conversion Copywriter

If you’ve scrolled this far you might be wondering whether the UXWG is the right fit for you?

The UX Writer’s Guide is a smokin’ hot match for anyone who:

▪️ Has landed their first UX writing job and is feeling a bit out to sea

▪️ Has every muscle tensed (even your eyelids) in preparation of their first day as a UX writer

▪️ Is a self-starter with ambitions to land a senior position in the next couple of years

▪️ Wants to understand what UX writing is before they shell out for a comprehensive course

▪️ Is working as a copywriter and has been asked to take on more UX writing opportunities. Help!

▪️ Has finished a UX writing certification recently and is left wondering what’s next?

▪️ Is a different type of UX professional and wants to bring their first writer on board

▪️ Is an established UX writer curious to see inside my business and head (I see you snooping and I like it!)

Give it a skip if you:

▪️ Are looking for 1:1 mentoring and support, this is a PDF resource

▪️ Write copy for sales and marketing and have ZERO interest in writing for digital products (No judgement, it’s not for everyone. But check out the FAQs first.)

Join over 400 legends getting ahead in their UX writing careers.

“I’ll definitely be recommending this to all the writers in my team. It’s brilliantly written and gets straight to the juicy bits.”

–Graham, Senior UX Writer

“I tore through it right away, ravenously consuming it one big bite. And I’ll be going back again many times to digest it slowly and thoroughly, filing it away in my long-term memory. I especially appreciate the glossary of terms.”


Quick heads up!

Amounts are in USD and all sales are final.

There’s a “no refund policy” because:

▪️  The UX Writer’s Guide is a PDF so there’s no way to give it back

▪️  It’s a low-risk, high-value investment

▪️  You’re getting the benefit of 10 years of my real-world experience

▪️  I want you to have a little “skin in the game” so you get everything you can from the guide (and it doesn’t languish un-used on your digital bookshelf)

Before you make your purchase, please check out the full policy »

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If you’ve made it this far, you’re just like me

I always want to know as much as possible before I purchase anything too. Let me guess, you’re thinking…

Surely, I’ll learn all this on the job

Hey look, if that’s the path for you, that’s cool. 

I did the same. (See, I knew we were similar)

But I didn’t have a choice. If someone had offered me this self-led course a decade ago I would’ve grabbed it with both hands and kissed them on both cheeks. (Hey, it was pre-Covid)

Because that free-fall feeling you get when you sit at your desk but don’t really know what to do?

I would have done anything to bin that anxiety.

The fact that almost no one has done what you are about to do, means you have the unique opportunity to create something completely new. Get the backup you need to be known as the person who brought UX writing to your company and improved their products.

Picture yourself absolutely rocking your first year in UX:

  • Free of that nagging voice in your head questioning your choices
  • Feeling confident that you’ve made the right career choice
  • Having your ideas heard and respected
  • Being clear about your boundaries
  • Coming up with ingenious solutions to tricky word puzzles

Sound good?

Buy The UX Writer’s Guide today for a one-time payment of $149 $49

“This resource is SO GOOD.”


“I’m having all sorts of feelings. Your guide validated the direction that a small part of me knew I was headed. Can’t wait / entirely terrified to find out where in the world my wild career path will take me next. 

Thank you for sharing this!” 

Karonica Davidson

Human-Centred Content Writer

Your questions answered

Won’t my employer provide me with something like this?

That would be the totally logical thing to expect, right? But by its very nature, this guide is stuffed with things that your employer probably won’t tell you upfront. That’s what makes it your competitive advantage.

What format is this guide in?

The UX Writer’s Guide is a beautifully designed 50-page interactive PDF guide. You can print it out and keep a hard copy in your top drawer or save multiple copies to fill in every time you have the opportunity to use one of the “Do it!” sections.

Will this teach me everything I need to know?

LOLZ, that would be dreamy.

This is NOT a course in UX writing. Think of it as the bridge from academic to the actual boots-on-the-ground “real life stuff”. This bridge stage is the scariest part when you’re about to do this for a job for the very first time. 

 But you already have the skills, and this shows you how to apply them successfully.

I’m a Product Owner, Developer or Designer. Is this for me?

Yes, for sure! The UX Writer’s Guide is for any professional interacting with the role of UX writing. Maybe you’re a designer or developer who has to take on some of the writing for their product or a Product Owner looking to hire a UX writer and make sure that it’s a success. This guide will help you understand what to expect.

Is this suitable for copywriters who work solely on marketing copy?

So this is a tricky one. If you have no interest in ever joining a UX team then this isn’t the right resource for you. That said, the number of UX professionals are set to grow by a factor of 100 over the next few decades. Shooting up from 1 mil to 100 mil*. I’d be surprised if UX didn’t weasel it’s way into your work somehow. So while it wasn’t written with traditional copywriting in mind, you’ll still learn a lot of relevant info.

*According to the NNGroup, world leaders in research-based User Experience (UX)

Can I return my guide for a refund?

There are NO refunds for The UX Writer’s Guide. Once you pay, the book is yours forevs. I want you to be “all-in” so you get everything you can from the guide. Also, due to the PDF nature of the guide, I have no way of really knowing if you’ve deleted all your copies. Make sure you want it before you fork over your dollars.

Don't see your question here?

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