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You’re invited to grab an all-access backstage pass to see how User Experience (UX) can help you write faster, get more buy-in from clients, and feel super confident about your web copy

Unveiling UX

An online, interactive event for current and aspiring copywriters  who want to supercharge their careers with UX

Don’t delay! Offer expires 22 Feb

(And yes, there’ll be a replay but come live to get the most out of the event)

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“What Susan teaches is ahead of its time

As copywriters you have to fundamentally understand UX if you want to stay competitive. There’s no more skating by.”

—Brenna McGowan, Launch Strategist & Copywriter

If I may be so bold, I’ve made a couple of assumptions about you…

(based on the fact you’re here with me now — hi, hello, so nice to meet you!)

You’re an ambitious and conscientious copywriter who:

Likes to dig deeper into all aspects of copywriting—whether that’s sales pages, prelaunch, landing pages, whole websites or even emails.

Wants to improve your copy chops so you can create unbeatable copy (you know, the kind that wins A/B tests and makes you and your clients lots of cash).

Is ready to blow your clients away with your skills and expertise, while also taking into consideration the fact that the people reading it are humans not walking wallets.

Already knows UX is the next big thing in copywriting and wants to use it to stand out from the growing sea of generalist copywriters (smart).

Knows with ChatGPT and AI nipping on your heels, now is the time to upskill in UX Copywriting

⬆️ How do I know all this about you?

Simple: UX has the uncanny ability to attract top-tier copywriters.


That’s why I created this never-before-attempted, exclusive, copywriter-only event to kick open the doors to Beyond Web Copy.

Susan sits at her laptop and twists to face and smile at you directly

Hey, I’m Susan

In this class, I’m skipping the usual “masterclass” BS. 

And saying HECK NO! to boring, predictable slides or having everyone on mute.

This is your chance to chat with the creator of Beyond Web Copy, the original UX Copywriter, and find out why UX is the loom on which successful copywriting careers are spun (I cannot wait to unpick the threads of that story with you!)

I’m going to share as much of my world as I can possibly fit into 60 minutes

So you can get total clarity on the *ONE THING* that’s the backbone of all successful copy.

Here’s the schedule

Part 1: How to use UX to help future-proof your copywriting career

Part 2: Live UX copy editing (submit YOUR website to get some quick pointers!)

Part 3: Backstage tour of Beyond Web Copy course platform and live elements

Part 4: Live Q&A so you can get your lingering questions answered

Unlike webinars that promise the world and leave you feeling frustrated, the premise of this event is clear—UX has the power to supercharge your career

You’ll walk away with a insider’s understanding of:

How UX makes all copywriting better, faster and easier

Why getting in now helps you stay competitive (especially with all this talk of AI stealing our jobs)

– Quick strategic UX copy edits you can steal for your own website (or your clients’)

What it’s like to be coached by one of the UX copywriting greats (*ahem, that’s me!*)

– Why UX expertise is the logical next step in your successful career

Anything else you want to ask me inside the Live Q&A

At the end, I’ll share where you can find out more about Beyond Web Copy. 

Whether you join?

That’s totally up to you. You’ll still get loads of value out of the session.

I don’t know if I’ll ever offer this again. So grab your VIP pass now. 

This will add you to my email list (The UX Factor) so I can send you updates about the event and let you know more cool stuff about UX copywriting. You can unsubscribe at any time. By registering for the event you agree to the T&Cs.

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“Thanks to UX, I stand apart in a saturated market

Before I was second-guessing myself a lot. Now I’m doing my best work and reaching my full potential. This isn’t information you are going to find anywhere else. Susan is the only one talking about this.

—Deenah Jacques, Copywriter

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