3 Blocks Stopping You From Writing Kickass Web Copy

& How to Bust Through Them

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    Susan Reoch

    UX Copy Consultant

    Oh hi! I'm Susan

    Campari-sipping, microcopy enthusiast and UX Copywriter who's written high-performing web copy for everyone from bookkeepers to Booking.com.

    Over a 10-year writing career, I've learnt the secret to pushing through almost every kind of writer's block there is.

    This isn't just about "mindset" either (although that's part of it) but it's coupled with practical steps you can do every time you find yourself procrasti-cleaning.

    See ya in the class of '22!

    We'll cover:

    • How to recognise if you’re a Crammer, Blanker, or Tweaker
    • 3 practical and easy ways to bust through blocks and write money-making words
    • The ingenious tool that gives you total clarity on what to write on each page
    • The core skill everyone who writes web copy needs to learn in 2022 and beyond
    • How I positioned myself in a crowded industry to close 6-figures in my second year of business