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You should feel really good sending people to your website

I’m the UX copywriter that makes that happen—

Writing your own website copy is some kind of fresh hell.

No one tells you that as soon as you sit down to type all your inspiration will desert you.

Or that knowing your business inside out isn’t enough to shift your life-changing products and services.

Here’s another secret no one tells you. Successful web copy—the kind that brings you more engagement, more leads, more elusive sales—all boils down to these 3 things:

YOU — Done, tick, cross that off the list.

❤️ YOUR PEOPLE — Maybe you’ve got a solid SEO strategy or you’re the master of visibility (one of those people that just seem to be everywhere). Either way, your website won’t do much good if no one ever sees it.

🙌  UX — there’s a lot hidden behind those two little letters, but it’s essentially about showing your people a good time once they find you. Without a solid user experience (UX), they’ll just bounce on out of your world without spending a dime.

I write the words that sound like you when you’re on fire 🔥, hit your ideal audience in the gut (you know that feeling when someone finally gets you? that’s what we’re aiming for), and then guides them effortlessly where they want to go.

“Susan came up with a narrative that flows amazingly throughout the pages, everything was interconnected and we love it.”

—Shane Singh, AmpliFLI

Get my strategic brain on your…


You need a website that’s empathetic, clear and easy to use. And gets found in Google. Whether it’s 5 or 155+ pages, I’ll help you find the right words to express all that you do.

User Experience

Got a digital product with multiple steps? (Hint, if you have a website that includes you) Let me show you how to make your app, portal, quiz a joy to use—I offer consultancy hours.


Launch copy is some of the most strategic around, miss a step and you risk sales. Get research-backed conversion copy that has them rushing for the buy button.

Hi, I’m Susan!


Working with someone you don’t trust or like is a nightmare.

It’s important to find someone who is flexible and easy to talk to. Your success depends on it.

That’s me.

I take your work seriously, but not myself.

My name was in vogue 20 years before I was born. Perhaps that’s why:

  • My favourite TV show is Murder She Wrote.
  • You’ll find me sipping Campari on ice.
  • I lived in Amsterdam (where people are called Freek and Fokje) for 7 years.

Read my story …


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Here’s the deal. Each week I write a story (that’s right, UX doesn’t mean writing robotic little labels in forms, there’s room for a story) about something that I’ve noticed in this weird little digital world we find ourselves in.

Then I send it to you. Sound good?

A fantastic copywriter who captured the essence of our business and created something we’re proud of

After a few attempts on our own, we were still unsure of what words would be most effective on our website. We needed a professional. Susan’s relaxed personality and keen interest in understanding our business made it so easy to talk to her. She made the whole process seamless and produced copy that has created so much impact for our business.

Susan is a fantastic copywriter who captured the essence of our business and created something we’re proud of. Highly recommend!

Michelle and Danny Fletcher, Owners & Managers, DMF Construction

 I only work with legends like these

We were able to generate substantial media coverage based on the content Susan created and to grow our brand visibility

Providing high-quality content consistently is key to building our customer base and Susan was invaluable. 

From creating our content pillars to mapping out an actionable content plan and writing key content pieces across multiple platforms and channels.  We were able to generate substantial media coverage based on the content Susan created and to grow our brand visibility both online and offline.

Laura Pollard, Managing Director, Perfect Property

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