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9 lessons from my last launch

A couple of weeks ago I wrapped the UX to Profit launch. Now I don't know about you, but I have a terrible tendency to rush straight into the next thing—I'll give you the perfect example in next week's email. And therein does NOT lie the path to happiness, my friend....

UX writing tip: 49 different ways to say “user”

“OK, let’s think of a new way to refer to the people using our app”, is a sentence I find myself saying a lot.

Only to be met with groans or confused expressions from product owners and designers in the virtual hangout.

Find out where this sneaky bit of jargon tends to slip into UI copy and 49 ways to sound friendlier to the humans using your site or app.

How to write like you talk

After 10 years of working as a writer in varying contexts, I’d found myself oddly disconnected from my own voice.

I figured I need to get back in touch with who I was and what the real me sounded like. Everything I’ve done to date this year has been through this lens of self-discovery.

Now I’m sharing with you the step-by-step of how I did this (and you can too).

Crafting the best call to actions in UX writing

I'm a rule-follower. We're talking didn't-really-have-fun-in-my-teens level of obedience.So it seems contradictory that I have so much trouble with being told what to do. If you tell me to do something, I'll do the opposite. Go figure.My husband loves it. And by...

What is A/B testing your copy?

The best way to prove your point get the best results for your business/client? A/B test your copy. It really is the only true measure of success. Find out why, what and where.

Eff it. How to get read.

Humans have a tendency to read in an f-shaped pattern. Find out how to leverage this behaviour to engage your users and keep them coming back for more.