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Hey, Partner!

It’s time to get new clients with words that reel in the big bucks …

… without emptying your business account, spending days deliberating every word, or waiting months to begin.

Introducing the Half-Day Copy Blitz.

“The Half-Day Copy Blitz is incredible value—perfect for new businesses.”

Overwhelmed about where to begin?

I can save you weeks of agony.

You want to be diving into pools of cash Scrooge McDuck style.

Instead, you’re pulling your hair out making content plans that never come to life because, well, who has time?

I do, that’s who.

And now, you can skip the queue and buy 3 hours of my brain to fast track your content, sales and business goals.

I’ll show you how to hook people in, tell a story that sells, minimise distractions, and structure your content in a way that seems obvious once it’s done.

Together we’re a winning team. That’s why I called you partner.

“Susan immediately identified the strongest sales angle for our business and steadfastly optimised our website and FB ads for more conversions. The Half-Day Copy Blitz is incredible value—perfect for new businesses.”

—Mats Stafseng Einarsen, J’M Tonic

How it works

The structure that inspired one client to ask “how on Earth did you get all that done in 3 hours?”

A couple of days beforehand, we kick off with a 30-minute strategy call (That’s bonus time folks). I can help you choose where you want to focus to get the most value.

On the day itself, I’ll start with a general sweep of all the assets you’ve shared with me and check back in with you to prioritise.

Then I’ll tackle the copy with gusto, identifying areas prime for optimisation and offering suggestions and options for future testing as I go.

Towards the end of the time, it’s helpful to regroup. You can choose whether I keep writing or give you detailed notes on what to do next.

Sounds great, but what will I actually walk away with?

I can’t make any guarantees, you’ll have to see for yourself how much this mother of twins can smash out in 3 hours (Hint: It’s a lot). But here are some real-life examples from previous Half-Day Copy Blitzes. I’ve also added the total value of these projects if they were finalised.

Client #1

Content strategy session

+Draft of lead generation content, 50% copywriting complete.

+Headline and CTA suggestions


Client #2

Conversion optimisation strategy session

+Optimisation of 2 key landing pages

+Detailed notes of key strategies for roll out


Client #3

Home page optimisation

+About page draft

+9 Facebook ads

+Facebook ad template


Get your hands on premium copy for a fraction of the price.


“Susan’s words make selling easy. I was amazed at how she would dig deeper into my craft and how I help others. I would give a simple answer that to me would only form a one-line description, but Sue extracted so much more about each service that I offer. Magic!”

—Chelsea Manca, Scissors Paper Block

Is the Half-Day Copy Blitz for me?

 If one of these describes you, we’re a match.

You keep hearing the words “conversion optimisation” and feel like you should be waking up more $$$.

You have big dreams but are time-poor. Get that landing page/email sequence/lead magnet off your to-do list.

Your content is luke warm. Turn up the heat with a killer headline and learn how to keep them hooked.

You or your team has been asked to tackle UX (gulp) and you need to learn fast.

Even your most loyal subscriber (Hi Mum!) isn’t opening the emails you blast out anymore. It’s like they signed up to taunt you.


You’ve got a random selection of copy needs that don’t fit a traditional request.

A bit more about you …

I believe that you can be a great writer. You have an in-depth understanding of how your business works, the customers you serve and the value you offer. I have a knack for drawing out this information and packaging it up into an irresistible piece of content.

If teaching a person to fish feeds them for a lifetime, let me help you write the barramundi of copy.

The kind you can hold up, take a photo of and pull out to impress your clients time after time.

Whether it’s your website, a series of articles or email sequence, if you bring the tackle, bait and rods—I’ll show you how to use them.

Are you ready to reel in some winning copy?



(Nope, not just proving I can spell)

A Half-Day Copy Blitz is a work-with-you service. 

The success of your copy depends on the amount of effort on both our parts. You need to ride shotgun for it to work.

I also offer done-for-you copy if you prefer to cruise in the backseat.

You’ll have my full attention, ideas, and words for the 3 hours. You’re paying for my time, and I respect that and you. 

In return, I ask that you fill in the questionnaire and provide any resources or copy ahead of our blitz.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a copywriter?

Any business that’s worth its salt knows that good copywriting brings in the bucks. It casts your brand and message in the most attractive light. 

I’m not just talking about your bottom line. Whether you want people to buy, sign-up, follow or simply remember you, you need the right words.

What happens after I book?

If you click on any of the links on this page, you’ll be taken to my Acuity calendar where you can book a timeslot.

I’ll send through an invoice in AUD$ and arrange a time for a strategy session a couple of days beforehand. (That way ideas can marinate before I throw them on the barbie.)

Will you come to our office?

If you’re Sydney-based I could come to your office, depending on availability. Be aware though, that the timer starts the minute I leave the door. So it’s better value for me to work remotely and connect via messages or phone calls.

Do I need to be available for the whole time?

That’s really up to you. You’ll get the best results if I can check-in after 30 mins and again 30 mins before time’s up. But if we’re in different timezones or you have other things to do, that’s fine as well.

How many revisions do I get?

I work in shared Google Docs, so you can watch as I go and make as many suggestions as you like during the 3 hours.

As a “do-it-with-you” service, it’s pens down for me after 3 hours. But you’re free to tinker with the copy as much as you like.

How can I pay you?

I charge in AUD$, making my rate an absolute steal in US$. I work with people all over the world, so drop me a line here if you’d like to know how it can work for you.

If you’re in Oz, simply book your slot and I’ll send you an invoice.

Can I book more than 1 session?

You can book as many sessions as you like! If you’d like to book me for the day, that’s also fine. Contact me for rates and availability.

You're not available at a time that works for me, can I still book?

Absolutely! I’m sure we can find a time that works for both of us. Simply drop me a line and I’ll be in touch!

What's with the fishing pun?

Anchoring your message to a relatable story or analogy engages readers and helps sell. I’m also just a bit quirky like that.

Got more questions?