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An Inclusive Business by Design

Long story short:

If you hold a marginalised identity, know that you’re welcome here and that you’ll be working with someone who is educating themselves and open to conversations on equity and inclusion.

Long story long…

Hey, were you also raised with the principle of equality? 

You know… we’re all equal and should be treated as such. If you’re an 80s baby like me, that probably sounds pretty familiar.

Once I started working, I quickly realised that not all workplaces held the same values. As a woman, it wasn’t always enough to be smart, I should also do my best to look or behave a certain way (something I never managed).

However, working in UX, I finally felt like I had landed amongst my people. Black, brown, white, LGBTQI+, straight, nerds, cool types, men, women, neurodiverse, polished or super dags – whatever our identities, we all seemed to have a seat at the table. 

I’m not saying it was perfect. 

But it was when I discovered that diverse voices and perspectives aren’t just nice-to-haves. They actually produce better, more rigorous work.

Susan smiling and shrugging

Fast forward to starting my own business

I assumed that people from all backgrounds and identities would want to work with me.

After all, I wanted to work with them.

It’s not that my clients are all straight, white women, but I have to admit they’re the majority. (pssssst – if that’s you, know that I love you. But I also know I can do more/serve more.)

So I had a choice: keep on keeping on being kinda embarrassed, or get the help I needed to be an agent for change. After a mortifying conversation with other white business owners about how DEI work was “too hard”, I chose the latter.

Equality might be a 1980s urban myth, but Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are all up for grabs.

    Ways I’m Evolving


    I’ve completed REPRESENTED and am currently in the ACTIVATED mastermind with racial equity coach Annie Gichuru


     Loving literature be diverse authors. Current favourites: ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ by Celeste Ng and ‘Girl, Woman, Other’ by Bernardine Evaristo.


    I love sharing diverse content creators and business leaders with my audience. Check out my Insta stories.



    Actively pitching diverse podcast/guest posting opportunities. Want to interview me?



    A yearly inclusion survey to uncover any accidental exclusionary practices or language. Noticed something on my website? Tell me!



    Twice yearly inclusion audit of my content to ensure diverse representation in my reading lists, guest speakers, and photography.

    Want to get amongst it?

    Use this list as inspiration for conversations or actions you could start also.

    If you see room for improvement, I invite you to call me in with kindness.