Want my 3-step guide for irresistible microcopy? Yes! I’m ready to sell more

David Ferrari Constructions

David and his wife had built a comprehensive website and written most of it themselves.

But they weren’t completely happy with how it looked and they kept hearing about this thing called SEO.

Their graphic designer of choice recommended me to conduct an SEO audit. Once I’d identified areas for improvement, David kept me on board to clean up the copy they’d already written and optimise their website for SEO and conversion.


Web copywriting

SEO audit


The first step was finding relevant SEO terms for the construction and renovation industry. By inserting these in key places throughout the copy, I gave Dave a greater chance to rank in Google.

I also tackled the overall readability of the site. Breaking down long-winded paragraphs into snappy sections with subheadings and bullet points.

David’s clients needed to take centre stage. I switched things up to showcase the value he offered rather than a simple list of services.

Dave was thrilled with the results and didn’t request a single round of revisions. (Always nice.)