Want my 3-step guide for irresistible microcopy? Yes! I’m ready to sell more

Your copy should be a sales magnet. Now it can be.

Susan smiling and shrugging

Is your website as overlooked as the last pickle in the jar?

Does your tone of voice have all the energy of a snail marathon?

Could your funnel compete with a lace raincoat for the amount of sales it leaks?

In other words, are your words letting your business down?

Great copy is what makes your dream clients realise they need what you offer. A great User Experience is what makes it easy for them to pay you for it.

Help is just a few clicks away — let’s go!

Lindy Alexander sits on steps and holds a magazine on her lap

Susan wrote copy for an upsell that saw a huge 50% conversion rate!

Susan always gives me this incredible motivation— a session with her is the perfect balance of incisive feedback, actionable advice and encouragement to actually get it done.

She tells me to “do this now” in the nicest possible way.

From suggesting changes to my copy for an upsell that saw a huge 50% conversion rate to giving me the confidence to quickly create products and pages that I’ve been meaning to do for months, a day/session with Susan is priceless.

Whatever the cost – pay it – you’ll never regret it. She’ll revolutionise your business.

—Lindy Alexander, Founder, The Freelancer’s Year

Talk to me about strategy and words for:


You need a website that converts, whether that’s selling a product or communicating an idea. It’s not just about beautiful words (that’s a given). You need the psychological and behavioural concepts and conversion strategies to surface the right information to the right people at the right time so they take action.

Everything I write is optimised for SEO, without ever compromising on quality or messaging.

Sales Pages + Emails

Got a launch coming up? I want to hear about it. Not only have I written hundreds of emails and sales pages over my 12-year copywriting career, but I also have my own successful course (Beyond Web Copy) which I launch twice a year.

This means I have an insider’s understanding of what goes into a launch and what strategies and words are working in the market right now. Let’s partner together to make yours a success.

User Experience (UX)

As one of Australia’s first UX writers, I’ve worked closely with some of the world’s best UI/UX teams to create intuitive digital experiences. Leverage my deep understanding what makes people tick and practical common sense for your product (whether that’s an app, website, form, portal, quiz etc).

Together we’ll conduct research and map out journeys that that build loyalty and give you the best chance of conversion.

Laura Belgray sits behind a computer

“Susan is genius at tiny, 2-minute tweaks that get you more conversions. She’s crafty AF on the page!”

—Laura Belgray, Founder & Copy Expert, Talking Shrimp

It takes two, baby

You know your business, I know words. Together we can make magic.

I really take the time to get to know you, your business, and your clients before I write anything.

Having a solid strategy in place gives you the best chance of getting an eye-watering return on your investment.

Keep reading to see how I can support you to hit those stretch goals.

The 3 paths to copywriting success

Copy Strategy Roadmap

Question: What’s the real secret to “are you in my head?” messaging that makes shelling out a few thousand seem like an excellent decision to your dream clients?

Answer: An in-depth understanding of their pains, desires, objections and false beliefs.

When you work with me, you walk away with so much more than copy. You’ll also get a plan to help you build a long-term and profitable relationship dream customers.

If you want to write your own copy, let me do the groundwork to set you up for success. If you want me to write high-performing copy for you, this is where we’ll start (and you’ll get $500 credit towards your first Diamond Day!)

See what’s included

Investment: $1000 AUD

Number 2

Diamond Day

If you’re a confident writer, but aren’t sure WHAT to write to bring in those sales and leads or don’t have time to waste staring at a blank page, you need a Diamond Day (or two).

ALL initial Diamond Days include a Copy Strategy Roadmap, so you know I’m not just typing a prompt into ChatGPT and hoping for the best, but actually relying on data to produce needle-moving copy.

So how much can we get done in a day? That depends. But realistically expect a couple of web pages from scratch, an existing sales page review and optimisation, or a 5-6 email sequence.

Diamond Days don’t include a guarantee of deliverables and do require input from you to get the best result. What you do get is my strategic brain on your business and a solid first draft ready for a final polish.


AUD$3497 for new clients (includes Copy Strategy Roadmap + 1 Diamond Day—you save $503)

AUD$3000 for returning clients


Power Hour

You and me in a Zoom room chatting all things UX, copywriting, and marketing strategy.

This is perfect for those moments when you feel stuck, or you’ve written something you think is pretty good and want a pair of expert eyeballs on it.

We can talk about social media plans, copy strategy, launch strategy, email sequences or customer journeys. Or we can crack our knuckles and optimise 1 piece of copy.

You’ll fill in a quick survey to get clear on what you want to walk away with and then I’ll rock you with solid ideas that get you unstuck and moving towards your goals.

Get out of your head and get clarity on the next steps.

Investment: AUD$590 (Includes recording and transcript of the meeting.)

Hear from the folks who’ve been where you are now

Ian Ward headshot

When I receive a lead from our website, I thank Susan

We were seeing a massive “bounce” rate as potential clients would arrive on the website and fail to engage with us.

Susan spent a lot of time understanding our business and our clients.  I always knew where we were in the process and what Susan needed from me to succeed.

When I receive a lead from our website, I thank Susan for the well-written and relatable content that continually draws people in to engage with us.

—Ian Ward, Founder, Cyber Pro

MauraK in a blue parka cross country skiiing

Pure gold!

I hired Susan to work on the descriptions of my services, which were creating some confusion for customers.
Susan is a dream to work with – smart, hardworking and so witty.
I felt like she was totally focused on me / my business when she was working with me.
The clear content she created was pure gold. She really clearly identified my service offerings, provided great input and suggestions and wrote loads!

—Helen, Interiors Expert, Studio2580

Dan Arnold headshot

Fun, easy and efficient

Being a niche service, I was struggling to communicate our services in an easily digestible way. And was concerned we were missing new customers. 

Susan helped us translate the language around what we do to create marketing/landing page copy that meets the customer where they are at. 

After a few poor past experiences with copywriters, it was a refreshing change to work with Susan. She’s fun, easy and efficient. I’ll be back!

– Dan Arnold, Founder & Owner, Falsegrip

Amy Parkinson headshot

Engaging and easy-to-understand copy

I didn’t know where to start with our website copy for my new business, which kept me from launching and spreading the word about what I do. 

Somehow Susan took some quick conversations, my almost incoherent questionnaire responses and some very piecemeal concepts and, in an extremely short time, presented my business idea back to me in engaging and easy-to-understand copy. 

Now, I’m excited and confident to have something to build my website around. Susan has stopped me from getting in my own way. 

She’s also an absolute joy to work with. My only complaint is that she works so fast that I didn’t get to spend more time with her!

– Amy Parkinson, Founder, Curation & Co.

Annie Gichuru headshot

More click-throughs, confidence and conversions

As a racial equity coach, I was striving to articulate how I support online business owners without instilling fear or guilt. That’s where Susan stepped in.

Her unique position as a former student enabled her to view the gaps in my copy from a dual before/after perspective – as a student and a potential student. This led to a deeper, more meaningful connection with my potential clients.

The transformation Susan brought about to my launch strategy and emails not only resulted in higher open and click rates but also made me more confident about my offer and the results it delivers.

The best part? We secured students even in the pre-launch phase.

Susan’s magic lies in her ability to listen keenly and her generosity. I loved the Voxer chats as she was writing during the VIP days.

Initially, I was unfamiliar with the concept of a ‘UX copywriter’, but now, I couldn’t be more grateful that our paths crossed. Susan is a gem both as a client and as a service provider.

— Annie Gichuru, Racial Equity Coach, Annie Gichuru Website

MauraK in a blue parka cross country skiiing

Everyone should hire this absolute master of her craft – she’ll totally nail it.

A VIP day with Susan felt like self-care – her attention to detail and thorough intake process made me feel completely understood and seen. It was such a relief to just sit back and let the pro work her magic.
Susan really goes the extra mile and puts so much care and thought into her process and work. I instantly trusted her. 
Every time I read over my new website copy I think – wow, there’s nothing I’d change! I love it all. I was beyond impressed at what Susan was able to deliver in just one day. I’m incredibly grateful that I found her super pro services and invested in myself and my business. 

—Maura Kelpy, Graphic Designer + Owner, MauraK Creative + Veggies & Vodka

Julie Cabezas headshot

Keen eye for brand positioning + killer conversion skills

Susan is very easy to work with. Because of her skill level, you don’t need to handhold or provide too much insight. I simply provided some relevant background information and a ten-minute voice note, and she would whip up something very on-brand.

She has a combination of an eye for brand positioning, a strong skill level in voice, and the conversion skills to write great personal brand copy.

– Julie Cabezas, Brand Positioning Expert & Copywriter, Copy Crimes

Jane Carter headshot

Power Hour for a sales page review is a fantastic investment

I knew my sales page needed a revamp – it felt long, overwhelming, and yet somehow, still underwhelming. I worried it was trite and riddled with stale metaphors and coaching clichés. I know I’m great at what I do, but I’m not always good at translating that into words. 

In just one power hour, Susan decluttered my pages, rearranged paragraphs for maximum impact, and infused energetic language that truly resonates with my potential clients.

The sales page now captures the quality of the coaching I’m selling (a good reminder to me, not just potential clients!)

If you’re caught in the dilemma of ‘I can do this myself, right?’ – take it from me. What Susan can achieve in one power hour is amazing. This was a fantastic investment.

— Jane Carter, Coach, Jane Carter Coaching

Sara Tiefenbrun headshot

Now, I have a manageable plan and renewed focus

I got busy with client work and had sidelined some critical tasks for my own business. I felt overwhelmed by the multitude of things to do. A Power Hour with Susan brought a sense of clarity and calm. She helped me craft a feasible plan, breaking it down to make it manageable and realistic. I immediately felt a HEAP better.

Susan provides a calming combo of strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and attention to detail. She’s so logical – I’d love to live inside her brain! I arrived at our session feeling everything was urgent, and I left with a manageable plan and renewed focus. Thanks to our session, I was able to achieve the following:

– Completed a lead magnet

– Created a welcome series and set it live

– Got a landing page up and running

– Attracted a few new leads in the system

I’ll definitely come back for another tune-up sometime!

– Sara Tiefenbrun, Story Harvester, Sara Tiefenbrun Website

Marilee Kostadimas headshot

A clear roadmap for improvement

We realised that the user experience on our website was lacking. Despite many months and substantial investment, we felt a growing concern that we were missing out on crucial opportunities. That’s when Susan came in, transforming our worries into a clear roadmap for improvement.

With Susan’s cogent and concise recommendations, backed by her insightful explanations, we finally had a strategy for an effective change. Though the transformation isn’t complete, we’re already brimming with optimism and eagerness as we approach the finish line. Thanks to Susan, we’re confident that our website will soon have an enhanced flow, able to convey our message more effectively.

Susan, your expertise and personality make this intimidating topic approachable and fun. I grasped it. I got it. And I can’t wait to implement it!

– Marilee Kostadimas, CMP, DMCP, Creative Director and Chief Storyteller, Spotlight Sojourns

Ready to invest in yourself and your business?