Take your website copy from “let’s hope that does something” to razor-sharp, concise, and converting, with—


In just 10 weeks, learn the user experience (UX) secrets that got me from a brand new copywriting business to 6 figures in less than 2 years, including:

A clear end-to-end roadmap for planning and writing human-centred website copy

A research-led method for determining what goes where on any website

The mind-blowing tool that keeps you organised, impresses clients and prevents scope-creep (psst – one student said they’d pay $2000 for the time this saves alone)

What tiny words to inject (and where) to take people from 'no thanks' to 'must buy'

Waitlist open now!

“I always knew the importance of words when it comes to the user experience of a site, but UX to Profit made it all click in a way it hadn’t before.”

-Alex Vietor, UX Researcher & Designer

I know you’re a freaking fantastic writer.

But not having a set process when writing website copy is holding you back.

Sure, you’ve bought all the templates to validate you’re putting the right thing on a page, but there’s still a huge ole slice of subjectivity that makes you question whether you were cut out for this.

The start of a website project is THE WORST, with hours spent:

  • Scrolling through snippets of copy you’ve saved to random notes and G Drive folders
  • Slaying the mindset dragons that have you convinced you’ll never be good enough
  • Scouring your saved templates then freaking out your version isn’t original enough
  • Staring at your monitor trying to summon the creative genius who’s decided to go on strike when you need them the most

If you’ve ever done any or all of these things, please know you’re so not alone.

Neither are you to blame, because…

What many templates, formulas, and copy courses teach is how to write awesome copy (great!)… in isolation (not so great!)

If you want to write the kind of career-moving words that build your reputation as a strategic genius and help knock 5-figure projects beyond your client’s wildest expectations, you need to understand:

  • How the website works as a whole organism
  • Its role within your client’s business
  • What different customer segments are trying to achieve 
  • How people behave (or misbehave) on the Internet
  • The tiny tweaks that can have a big impact on conversions

And that’s exactly what the fine art of User Experience (UX) is all about.

But until now it hasn’t been shared like this with the copywriting community.

I’m here to change that!

Oh hey! I’m Susan

Campari-sipping, twin-raising UX Copywriter, with Iris Apfel style goals.

I got my start in UX at Booking.com a decade ago. The 10 years writing for global brands that followed was the world’s best masterclass in combining usability with persuasion.

But it wasn’t until I started my biz that I discovered having an in-depth understanding of both UX and copywriting was a superpower–one clients were giving themselves whiplash to pay for.

In my second full year of business, I hit 6-figures while working part-time, during a global pandemic, without a team.

I kept waiting for the secret to get out.

I was sure that someone else would spill the beans about how UX not only makes strategising and writing effective websites a cinch but it’s also a great way to close a copywriting client on a sales call.

Not to mention the consistent cash flow that comes from signing bigger projects. We’re talking $20k months in my biz. Regularly.

When no one else did, I decided to package up everything I’d learned over the last decade to help you have the same opportunities I’ve had.

And this is it!

Imagine how it would feel if you…


Were excited (rather than nervous) about tackling big juicy website projects

Had a framework for mapping optimal user experiences

Could easily defend your words and strategy when clients circle back with “feedback”

Spent LESS time pitching low paying jobs and MORE time writing high-paying ones

Knew exactly what to put on each page and what to leave out

Had a reputation as the go-to UX copywriter


UX to Profit

Your all-access behind-the-scenes pass into how to plan, strategise and write websites (even 100+ page monsters) quickly and confidently.

It’s a group coaching program that teaches copywriters the UX skills they need to write awesome web copy that:

– Builds your authority as a copywriter

– Offers a memorable and intuitive user experience

– Attracts high-paying gigs

– Hits the breaks on imposter syndrome

– Breaks you free from templates

(And no, you don’t need to know a thing about Javascript or any other techy stuff)

I’ve already actioned a good chunk of what I’ve learned

“I hoped everything I would learn would apply as an employee, as well as a business owner. The concepts were so well conveyed that I could communicate them to others in the business who also work on our website, so that worry was quickly resolved.

I really enjoyed the course, learned so much, I’ve already actioned a good chunk of what I’ve learned. The group had such a positive vibe and there was a lot of knowledge sharing.”

-Anna Clayton, Copywriter

“Urgh, not another copy course… been there, done that”

I hear ya, my friend.

This isn’t the dry repetitive content you’ve read online or hours upon hours of videos you never get around to watching. 

It’s you and 19 other copywriting legends in a Zoom room once a week while I coach you through the parts of UX that are relevant to YOUR copy practice.

Everything I teach is tailored to your experience and you’re guaranteed 1:1 time with me to work through your copy and course work.

Yes, there’ll be recordings. But you’ll get way more out of the program if you turn up live.

We kick off on 21st February!

How it Works:

6 x 1-hour classes in my Zoom room with a set curriculum that I walk you through step-by-step (and that you can use as a guide for future projects)

3 x 1-hour hot seat sessions to get my eyes on your work (all members are guaranteed a hot seat)

10 x office hours (1 a week) to ask me questions or submit work for feedback in Slack

A private Slack group to share wisdom and wins

A challenge with prizes as an added incentive to get the most out of the program

Best-practice checklists and frameworks you can rinse and repeat on every project (phew, less freakin' decisions to make).

Ongoing access to Private UX Copy Trailblazers Facebook Group upon completion so you can continue to get your questions answered

It’s probably worth mentioning that the hours with me alone are worth close to $10k.

Value-packed, confidence-boosting, career-moving

“UX to Profit gave me total clarity and confidence around best practice for website UX AND the tangible skills and systems needed to deliver that for every project.

Initially I was unsure if I’d learn anything new (I have 10 years experience in agency land and run my own business). ​​But this is value-packed, confidence-boosting, career-moving type learning! My favourite parts were the worksheets, templates and tangible takeaways, they’re such a valuable addition, not to mention the community. Super stoked to have been part of this (and to have met Susan and the rest of the talented UXers).”

-Lauren Pomphrey, Copywriter

Let’s breakdown the 6 steps to creating a “f^*k, that was awesome” user experience

Module 1: Strategy

By the end you’ll be able to:

  • Process and interpret your research in less time 
  • Identify what someone wants to do on your site (hint, it has nothing to do with their gender or what kind of coffee they drink)
  • Align business, website, and user goals in 5 simple steps—its easier than you think
  • Walk someone step-by-step from “hello” to “sold”

Module 2: Planning

By the end you’ll be able to:

  • Easily identify the perfect structure for your website
  • Follow the 6 laws for clear concise labelling
  • Test your structure works to ward off future disasters 
  • Communicate your vision with total clarity and get all stakeholders on board early

Module 3: Messaging

By the end you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the 4 types of web pages and the essentials of each
  • Create order from chaos—instantly know what stays and what goes
  • Ditch same-same templates, but still get repeatable results
  • Make tiny tweaks to get people hanging on your every word

Module 4: Microcopy

By the end you’ll be able to:

  • Write advanced microcopy confidently
  • Identify what tiny words to inject to get people from “maybe later” to “must-buy”
  • Write with total clarity

Module 5: Conversion

By the end you’ll be able to:

  • Drive micro and macro conversions
  • Keep people engaged and clicking
  • Inspire people to take action
  • Recognise when customer loyalty is under threat

Module 6: Think Bigger

By the end you’ll be able to:

  • Write for a global audience
  • Strike the perfect balance between clear and clever
  • Test your website content works—no sophisticated software or developer required

Of course there are bonuses!

When you join UX to Profit you also get:

Click-worthy CTA


The perfect printable to keep by your side for CTAs more irresistible than Alan Rickman’s voice (just me?)

Comprehensive Copy Checklist for Website UX


Tick off all the UX stuff before you hand over your copy

PLUS guest expert sessions to help grow your biz

How to Attract More Clients and Book Yourself Solid, with Licia Morelli—

5 tips to stay top of mind and get hired (consistently) as a freelancer

Are you ready to book yourself solid? In this 45-minute workshop Licia Morelli will share her industry know-how to help you:

Fill your calendar with consistent clients

Create a strong referral network

Have a strong prospect funnel week in and week out

Get rehired by your current clients after you finish a project

Just in case of the unlikely event you haven’t heard of Licia yet…

Licia Morelli is the owner of Morelli Writers, a boutique copywriting and online sales strategy agency having written for some of the most influential brands online like Marie Forelo, Amy Porterfield, Colette Baron-Reid, Vanity Fair, Phil & Teds, Covet & Mane, Gina Gomez, and more. Copywriting for multimillion-dollar companies and launches, Licia and the Morelli Writers write what sells because they know what sells and have the track record to prove it.

How to Create a 5* Customer Experience That Wows Your Clients and Raises Your Rates, with Eman Ismail—

If you think you have to be one of the best copywriters in the game to charge the big bucks – you’re wrong.

Your copywriting skills play a big part, obviously, but your ability to manage your clients and deliver a 5* customer experience is what really sets you apart from other copywriters. 

And the better your customer experience, the more you can charge.

In this talk, Eman Ismail walks you through how to deliver a 5* copywriting service that helps fill your bank account and leaves clients wanting more.

Just in case of the unlikely event you haven’t heard of Eman yet…

Eman Ismail is the person to call when you want to make money from your emails. 

As an email conversion strategist and copywriter (and the owner at inkhouse.org.uk) she helps 6+ figure online business owners and ecommerce brands fire up their conversions, evergreen their sales and turn fans into Superfans.

Ready to join the secret club of copywriters getting the edge with UX?

Join UX to Profit with

1 payment of $1995

Pay today and then forget about it!

Join UX to Profit with

6 payments of $332.50 USD

That’s right, no penalty for choosing the payment plan! Billed every 2 weeks

Best course I’ve ever taken

“Your level of commitment the group, the skills and knowledge  learned and the resources provided offer SO much value. 

Knowing the level of knowledge I’d learn and the resources I’d get before I joined,  would have made investing a no brainer. 

I’m far more confident. My processes are more efficient and effective. I’m able to justify my choice of words to clients. I’ve added website UX reviews/audits to my packages. From day 1, I loved every second!”

-Debs Cormode, Copywriter

I’m here for the money talk!

I’ve already mentioned that face-to-face hours with me alone are worth close to $10k.

And the type of work I do regularly brings 5 figures into my biz each month.

Gotta love that recurring income! 

$1995 is a steal for this kind of high-touch program. There’s never been a better time to jump because UX is taking off…

How about some proof… 


  • According to Exploding Topics the term UX Writing is searched more than 99x what it was 5 years ago

  • Jakob Neilsen estimates the total number of UX professionals to grow by a factor of 100 over the next 30 years (from 1 million to 100 million)


  • The UX Writing Hub estimates the median salary for UX Writers in the USA sits at a comfortable US$105,000 a year

UX is the new crypto. It’s the thing other copywriters are going to look back on a year from now and think

Damn, wish I’d gotten into this earlier.

So glad I squeezed it in before Christmas!

“My biggest challenge prior to joining UX to Profit was figuring out what was important to add to my skillset to stay relevant. I’m so glad I squeezed UX to Profit in before Christmas! I feel I have laid the foundation to future proof my copywriting career.

I loved learning your process, watching the live editing of websites, understanding microcopy—and the slack group and community were fab. I found that to be quite unique. It was great to keep things going and have questions answered by others in the group outside of the class times.”

-Kelly Allan, Copywriter

UX to Profit is the right fit for you, even if:

You're already an in-demand and highly skilled copywriter

You're not tech-savvy or this is the first time you’ve heard of UX

Writing button copy makes your squirm

You've never written a website bigger than 4 pages before

Your client base is heart-lead coaches (every website can benefit from a better user experience)

UX to Profit isn’t for you if:


You never plan to write website copy even if you have a step-by-step framework that makes it easy


You have a steady stream of high-paying clients who come to you for your thorough knowledge of all things UX


You prefer to learn on your own and don't like sharing your knowledge


You have zero idea about what copywriting is (this isn't JUST for copywriters but basic knowledge of copywriting will help)

Still not sure if it’s the right fit? Email me at hello@susanreochcopywriter.com and let’s chat about it. The success of the program relies on only having the right people in the room, so I’ll be straight up with you if it isn’t a fit.

And I’m willing to back that all the way by offering a…

14-day money-back guarantee

This gives you time to do the first 2 modules. If you don’t feel UX to Profit is giving you the tools you need to write website copy with better UX, I’ll gladly return your investment. Just email me at hello@susanreochcopywriter.com.

You do have to come to both calls and demonstrate you’ve completed any set work for those weeks.

Join UX to Profit with

1 payment of $1995

Pay today and then forget about it!

Join UX to Profit with

6 payments of $332.50 USD

That’s right, no penalty for choosing the payment plan! Billed every 2 weeks

Interested, but still not sure?

If every time you write web copy you’re recreating the wheel, it’s going to be tough-going to make those big career-moving changes on your own.

In a few years time, you could still be trying to shake off those pesky feelings of uncertainty and subjectivity—that have nothing to do with your level of skill btw.

Still daunted about where to begin with big juicy web projects.

What will be different by then is the secret about UX will be well and truly out. You could miss your chance for a head start.

There’s never been a better time to get into UX.

Within the first week of UX to Profit, you’ll learn a new way of approaching research to get total clarity on what your audience is saying, thinking, doing, and feeling to make writing web copy a breeze AND you’ll have a ready-made community there to build you up. 

Want to be part of something epic?

Quick recap of what you get

You'll get:

6 x modules taught live to get any questions answered
3 x hot seat sessions for 1:1 feedback from me
24-hour access to the secret club Slack group
Weekly office hours for ongoing support
Bonus 1: CTA Cheatsheet
Bonus 2: UX Copy Checklist
2 x Guest expert sessions on growing your biz

1 payment of $1995 USD

Pay today and then forget about it!

You'll get:

6 x modules taught live to get any questions answered
3 x hot seat sessions for 1:1 feedback from me
24-hour access to the secret club Slack group
Weekly office hours for ongoing support
Bonus 1: CTA Cheatsheet
Bonus 2: UX Copy Checklist
2 x Guest expert sessions on growing your biz

6 payments of $332.50 USD

That’s right, no penalty for choosing the payment plan! Billed every 2 weeks

I learned new, valuable things in every module

“UX to Profit has demystified writing website copy for me. Susan has laid out a logical, research-backed way to construct the content of a site that saves time while ensuring user needs and business objectives stay at the heart of it all. I feel infinitely more confident about taking on these projects in the future with her guidance (and AMAZING templates).

Susan is an incredibly brilliant, warm, talented coach, I had so many questions for Susan before I invested in UX to Profit, and she answered them all so thoroughly that I KNEW I had to take this opportunity to just be near her and pick her brain 🙂

As someone with roughly a year of UX experience, I was worried that most of the course might be a “refresher” for me. Susan’s years of industry experience set the course apart from others. Her expert knowledge shines through in every course slide, template, checklist, and Slack response. I learned new, valuable things in every module. Questions from the group and discussions in Slack made the material even richer.”

-Alex Vietor, UX Researcher & Designer

Get all the final details in this Q&A

What’s UX to Profit?

It’s the 10-years in the making group coaching program for copywriters. It shows you how to confidently craft an intuitive website user experience (UX) with strategy and words.

When does it run from?

We kick off on 21st February and will have our final good-bye party on on 26th April.

IS there a payment plan?

There sure is! Accessibility is important to me. You can opt to pay over 12 weeks (6 payments of $332.50 USD). The total cost of the program is $1995 USD whether you pay upfront or over 12 weeks.

What if I don't have a big juicy website project right now?

While it’s great to have something you can apply what you learn in real-time, it’s not necessary to get loads of value from the program. I’ll share plenty of exercises and examples. You also get access to all the recorded workshops to dive into again and again. UX is an iterative and ongoing practice, so there are plenty of opportunities to apply what you learn.

I'm so busy with client work I'm not sure I can fit this in.

It’s so hard to prioritise your own career progression with you’re up to your eyeballs in client work, I get it! And yes, there’ll be times this is a valid reason not to join.

However, really check in with yourself on this one. What’s going to change 6 months – 1 year from now? Because what I’ve noticed in my own biz? Being able to charge a premium for the work you do means you have more time to re-invest in yourself and business, which usually leads to higher rates. And so it goes.

Will this teach me about SEO?

Nope, this copy course is specifically about UX.

What if I'm on the other side of the world. Is this still relevant?

Yes! I’ve worked on both sides of the equator and the last round had students from all corners of the globe. I’m also scheduling the times to work for different time zones so that you should be able to come to at least some of the lives if not all.

Is this a beginner course?

This is such an interesting question. So yes and no. It wasn’t created for beginner-beginner copywriters. We’re not covering anything like SEO, copywriting formulas, pattern interrupts, or hooks. That said, the earlier you equip yourself with UX knowledge the sooner you can write intuitive web copy. No prior UX knowledge is required.

How is this different from other copywriting courses?

UX to Profit is so niche! It’s specifically about blending UX with copywriting to create incredible web experiences and take on big juicy websites.

I’ve already paid for another course. Should I still join UX to Profit?

This is a group coaching program that complements other copywriting courses. In fact, maybe you could be seen as the go-to UX expert in that course. Now that would be cool hey?

I want to apply for a UX writing job, should I sign up?

This program is for copywriters who want to learn UX to strengthen their web copy skills. It’s not intended to be a straight-up UX writing course. You’ll learn about the parts of UX strategy and UX writing that complement web copywriting. Of course, this knowledge could lead to a UX role, but that’s not the intention. If you want to get started with UX writing, check out The UX Writer’s Guide.

Got another question?

Join UX to Profit with

1 payment of $1995

Pay today and then forget about it!

Join UX to Profit with

6 payments of $332.50 USD

That’s right, no penalty for choosing the payment plan! Billed every 2 weeks

Hey, I’m someone who reads every word too!

First up, thank you for reading all the way down here. And congrats, because this tells me you’re serious about getting ahead and writing better web copy with UX.

But maybe you’re wondering:

Will UX to Profit really teach me anything I don’t already know?

Because you’ve taken disappointing copywriting courses before.

Ones that promised you the world behind intriguing little bullet points but taught you nothing you didn’t already know.

And that my friend, is where UX to Profit is different. 

What I’ll be teaching isn’t available in this format anywhere on the internet (not that I can find!) 

Sure you can go it alone flip-flopping about what to say where or wondering how to cram a whole business into 4 pages. You could even take a cheaper UX writing course with no community support and try and shoe horn that knowledge into a system with your other web copy skills.

What I know is that when you’re in the weeds of client work, zooming out to create a logical, reliable, and repeatable process seems about as likely as an uninterrupted school year in 2022.

Or by 26 April (which, let’s admit it, is basically tomorrow), you could have everything you need to write intuitive web experiences intelligently and confidently, helping position you as a no-brainer choice for any website project— even complex ones with a 5-figure price tag.

Sound like a plan?

Join UX to Profit with

1 payment of $1995

Pay today and then forget about it!

Join UX to Profit with

6 payments of $332.50 USD

That’s right, no penalty for choosing the payment plan! Billed every 2 weeks

See you in my (not so) secret club,

xo, Susan

Earnings disclaimer

You acknowledge and agree that when you purchase this program that results may vary as there are too many variables to guarantee success. Any success you gain will be dependent on your own efforts, commitment, motivation and intent to follow through. Under no circumstances, can I guarantee a particular result, whether financial or otherwise. You acknowledge and agree that results may differ from person to person. Each person’s individual success is completely dependent on their background, dedication, drive and motivation to succeed as well as many other additional factors. Any client reviews, statements or examples advertised or available on our site are merely examples of what can be possible.

Me and My directors, agents or associates shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage resulting from any content or resources made available on this Website or in this Course, except as expressly permitted by law.

You will indemnify Me against all loss, cost, damage or expense (including My legal costs and associated costs of investigations and enforcement) directly or indirectly related to Your breach of the T&Cs.

I will not be liable to You for any liability or claim of any kind arising directly or indirectly (whether under statute, contract, tort, negligence or otherwise) resulting from:

  1. the use or inability to use the Course;
  2. statements or conduct of any third party; or
  3. Your reliance on the recommendations and suggestions of any third party.

The use of any programs, courses, products and/or services, requires personal choices and/ or actions that are unique to the individual and any reliance on the content made available on our Site, through our programs, courses, products and/or services are at your own risk.